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Chapter 9

“In what way?” He asks so very curious.

“I have liked you for a long time and I can tell you liked me for a while as well so maybe if you’re lucky you will find out later.” I tell him teasing him a little as I bite his ear.

“You are so bad right know.” He says biting his lip.

“Oh I know.” I tell him as I kiss his cheek. We got off his couch and head to the door. I put my jacket on and place my bag on my shoulder. Nathan takes my bag off, drops it to the ground and pushes me against the wall. He kisses me passionately and I kiss him back. I’ve wanted this for a long time. So warm. He steps away and look at me with a hand on my cheek. So warm.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.” Nathan says as he hands me my bag. I hug him as a smile appear on both our faces. He opens the door and we got into the car as he drives us to the restaurant.

“Nathan tonight I will get and pay for your first drink.” I inform him.

“That sounds good.” Nathan responds as we go into the parking lot of a Kelsey’s. Nice place, but I think I should have changed at Nathan’s in to something a little more casual. He parks and got out of the car. He walks around the car to my side and opens my door for me. How sweet of him.

“Thank you Nathan. I think I’m over dressed.” I say to him as I step out of the car.

“Trust me you’re not.” He says smiling encouragingly. I smile back as I give him a kiss on the cheek. We walk up to the doors and entered Kelsey’s. We wait at the podium to be seated. The hostess walks up to us and brings us to a seat. It is a corner seat by a window, where the back is rounded with a table in the middle. It’s a nice cozy seat away from all the others. We thank her as she told us our waiter will be with us momentarily as she gave us the menu.

“What drink are you going to have Nathan?” I ask as we sit comfortably. He scoots to sit next to me.

“Just a beer probably and yourself?” He asks as he holds my hand. Our waiter walks up to us.

“My name is Daniel. What can I start you off with?” Our waiter asks.

“I will have an Alexander Keith’s and a water please.” Nathan asks him.

“I will have an apple martini, fuzzy naval and a coke please.” I tell him as he writes our drink order down.

“Alright have you decided on anything to eat?” Daniel asks looking at me in specific.

“No not yet we haven’t even looked through the menu yet, sorry.” I say to him smiling.

“Alright take your time and I will go get your drinks.” He kindly says with a smile as he walks over to the bar.

“Thank you.” I reply to him, not that he would have heard me with walking away so fast.

“So what shall we eat hun?” Nathan asks as we open the menu’s and started to look through it. Awe I’m his hun. I smile.

“I’d like for a starter to try the chips and dip. For my main I think I’m going to have this chicken sandwich. What are you going to have?” I ask him as I scan the menu, pointing out what I may like.

“I’m going to have the fish and chips for my main. How about we share the starter? I’m probably also going to have the New York cheesecake for dessert if you’d like to share with me?” He asks. Mmm that sounds good.

“That sounds wonderful Nathan. I’d like to share them with you.” I say as our waiter comes back with all of our drinks.

“Okay here we go, I got your drinks. Have you decided on what you’d like to eat or would you like some more time?” Daniel asks placing our drinks on the table as he got his pad of paper and pen out. We order what we want for our starters, main and dessert as he writes it down.

“Is that all?” He asks looking at only me as if Nathan isn’t there. I look at Nathan and he nods a yes. So I smile at him as he rubs his thumb on my hand.

“Yes that is all thank you.” I tell him. He nods and walked into the back placing our order. I take some sips of my drink. It seems like Nathan is half done his beer, even though he just got it.

“How’s the green drink?” Nathan asks.

“It’s good, would you like to try it?” I ask him as I push it towards him. It looks like he is thinking about it. Then he takes the drink and has a sip.

“It’s very sweet.” He said pushing it towards me. I have some more.

“Yes but I find this and the fuzzy naval are not too strong for me so I can drink them fine.” I explain to him with a smile and a giggle. This place is nice, very casual yet it can be dressy as well. The music is pleasant, not too loud, but friendly for any age group. The waiter comes with our appetizers. He put it on our table and left. We can share it easily.

“It smells good Nathan.” I say to him. I pick up one of the dumplings, dipped it in the sauce and ate it. Lovely.

“How is it cutie?” He asks as we sip on our drinks. I put my coke in the middle so he can have some if he wants.

“I like it. It’s good you should try it.” I tell him as I pushed the dish closer to him. He had picks one up, dips it and ate it. He gave a thumbs up, so I guess he likes it too. We smile. So adorable. We had some more in silence. But its okay it’s comfortable. I pick up one of the dumplings, dip it and bring it to Nathan for him to eat. He takes it and kisses my finger. I giggle. So, he picks up the last dumpling, dip it and hold it out for me to eat. So I got the dumpling and a bit of his finger. As I pull my head back to eat it, I go away slowly and teasingly. He smiles.

“They were really good. I can imagine that the main is good then too.” Nathan says. We nibble on the chips and dip as we wait for our main meal.

“Yes, I would believe it will be.” I say seeing the waiter come with our food. He places it down in front of us.

“Would you like another beer?” Daniel asks taking the bottle away.

“No thanks.” Nathan replies so Daniel left us to eat. We put some ketchup on our plates for our fries. We eat slowly. This is really good food. He is so good looking. I wonder what he’s thinking of. This sandwich is so delightful. Nathan finished my martini so I sipped on my fuzzy naval. So delicious.

“How’s your fish sweetie?” I ask him as I almost finish my sandwich.

“It’s magnificent. Would you like to try some?” He asks me.

“Yes I would.” I tell him. He put the last piece of his fish on his fork and feeds it to me. I eat it and playfully move his fork back and forth a few times. I’m trying to tease him I hope it works. I get the last bit of my sandwich and gave it to him. It looks like he likes it. All that’s left is our fries then the dessert. We eat them and occasionally feed one another. These fries are amazing. Our waiter comes over with our cheesecake as we just finish our main. He places the cake on the table with two forks and takes our plates away. He left without saying a word, good. I take a fork and feed him the first piece. He ate it with a smile. I put the fork down and place a hand on his thigh, rubbing my thumb back and forth. He looks at me with a slight sparkle in his eye. I sit closer to Nathan and kiss him and he kisses back as well. He leans away as he pushes the loose hair behind my ear and leaves his palm on my cheek. I bring his hand down and intertwine our fingers. We finish the cheesecake.

“Go wait by the car I will pay.” Nathan says as he got up and offers me a hand. Awe how sweet. I take it so I get up and put my jacket on as I hold my bag. I drink the rest of my drink fast since it was almost done.

“Alright dear, I will wait for you.” I tell him placing a hand on his chest and whisper in his ear. I walk out the door and wait by his car. I feel fuzzy inside. I smile to myself. It’s sweet of him to pay for dinner. It didn’t take long before Nathan comes out and unlocks the door. A quick kiss on the cheek and we get in the car.

“I enjoyed dinner tonight thank you Nathan.” I tell him, touching his thigh cutely.

“I enjoyed it as well but that’s because I enjoyed your company the most.” He replied putting his hand on top of mine. He starts the car and drives out of the parking lot. It didn’t take long for us to get back to Nathan’s house. We take our jackets off, put them on the hooks and put our shoes under them. I hang my bag over my jacket.

“Nathan tonight you are sleeping in your bed and I will sleep downstairs.” I say to him as he got himself a beer. He made me a fuzzy naval. I drank half of it right away. Love the fuzzy feel of it. But maybe that’s because I’m standing next to Nathan. I go into the living room, put my iPod in the dock and put the playlist called Party on. I turn it up to a reasonable volume. So not too loud. Nathan places his empty bottle by the sink as I walk back to the counter in the kitchen and finish my drink. Mmm good.

“If that’s what you really want Mai.” Nathan says wrapping his arms around my hips in a hug. No not at all.

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