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Sienna Rivers is the first female agent of The Shadow Wolf Agency. She is smart. She is strong. She can kill anyone who gets in her way. What happens when she meet her mate? When he breaks her? Can you stop loving someone you were destined to be with? Read on to find out! From the author of Nightfall.

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1: (also prolouge...read and see if you want to continue)

I smirked as I shot a silver bullet to another man’s stomach.

“Take it easy Nyx.” chuckles Zane’s voice from the earpiece stuffed in my ear. Nyx is my code name, and if anybody apart from Zane calls me by my real name, I am to kill them on sight.

Life at the SWA is difficult.

I watch as Mila and Warren run to the extravagant painting hung on the peach walls. I fling myself on a leopard skin sofa. The man who owns this house may be nasty, but he had good taste.

Mila and Warren unhinge the painting to reveal a huge cubicle in the wall, filled to the brim with packets of purple powder.


I grunted in disgust as I got a whiff of it. Revolting, nasty stuff.

I ran my hand over the soft fur that covers the sofa I’m sitting on. “You must have been beautiful,” I mutter. This leopard is another victim to Faeus’s terrible rule.

We had just invaded one of the fiercest packs of the country.


I snorted in amusement. Based on the expressions of the men who had died in here, it was more like pissclaws.

I walked to my partners, who were wearing protective gloves and loading the wolfsbane into their loot bags.

Mila was the only female recruit apart from me, and Warren was her mate. Both had been recruited into SWA at the same time.

Zane, our mission director and head warrior, and he was a smart, sly, cunning man. It was a good thing he was on our side, if he was working with this mysterious trafficker we wouldn’t have had a chance. He recruited everybody in the academy. And when he recruits someone, he does it for a reason. Nobody could question or have dared to question his orders.

Except me.

I was Sienna Rivers, the first female to enter SWA, a high ranking agent, a beautiful seductress, a sarcastic fiery woman.

But to Zane, I was just me. Enna. Zane was a fatherly figure to me, and by the moon goddess, after the rough childhood, I had I needed one.

I mouthed ‘go’ to Mila and her mate.

We had approximately 15 minutes before the werewolf council barged in here.

I shouldered one of the loot bags as Warren picks up the other two. Mila’s ears twitch as they scan the area around us for danger. We leap out of the window, landing two storeys below on our feet.

We run to our black jeep, toss the bags in the back. I sat in the driver’s seat and put the key into ignition and start to drive. Warren whoops in victory as Mila laughs. Another successful mission. Zane congratulates us on our achievement and allows us to take the earpieces out.

I smile at my partners in the rearview mirror.


“Good work Nyx.” praises Zane, looking in my eyes with pride.

He frowns suddenly. Then pulls my black cat eyeglasses and swipes them clean with his shirt.

He looks at me, and his face changes to that of someone bearing bad news.

“What is it?” I whisper, wanting it to make it easier for this man who had taken me in and raised me.

“The Alpha of the Shadow pack is worried about war. I want you to go undercover there and dig out information. It seems like there is a mole in his pack as well. I want you to try and catch the mole as well. The pack they are receiving threats from is Bloodthirst. ” he says.

I stay silent as I take it all in. This mission was dangerous on so many levels that it was the type of mission in which Zane usually participates.

Giving me this mission meant he had faith in me.

Giving me this mission meant I might die.


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