Warrior Luna ON HOLD

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Chapter 1:


“Mailey, reschedule my appointments for a time after the annual Alpha meeting please.”

Mailey, my latest secretary, is more annoying than the others.

She wore clothes, (if you counted them as clothes) that must have been bought at Victoria’s secret.

I slept around, sure. But my thoughts only belonged to a particular brunette.

Who I’d f***ed things up with.

I cleared my thoughts and focused on the meeting.

It was an Alpha’s meeting, and the wolf council was going to reveal to us the agency that had been helping all of us with our war efforts and rogue and drug missions.

Rumour had it they had a new leader. Whoever he was, I intended to charm the guy and make him deal towards my pack.

I got inside the limo.


I tugged my suit and tightened my cufflinks. All of the Alpha’s and the council were here.

We were waiting for the leader of the agency to show up.

The doors opened, and a familiar scent hits my nostrils.

Autumn and cherry bark.

No. But it was. Sienna Rivers stood before me, looking as radiant as the day she kicked me in the balls.

Her hair was long and was in loose waves. She wore a formal black dress with a small circle in the back, revealing her smooth skin. Her black and blue eyes are encircled by black cat-eye frames.

Her eyes widen and she turns to me.

She keeps her face indifferent, but her eyes show me all I need to see.

She turns to the council. “I’m sorry to keep you waiting, everyone. Let’s start the meeting.”

My mind spins. Sienna...is the leader of the agency?

She starts to speak. “The agency that has been aiding all of you whether you are aware of it or not, is known as SWA, or the shadow wolf agency. I’m Sienna Rivers, and I inherited the company from my stepfather, Zane Ramirez. Any questions before we proceed?”

I hear snickers and whispers throughout the room. My fists clench. I want to beat up these bastards for disrespecting her.

But isn’t that what you did? whispers my wolf.

I ignore him.

A few hands raise.

“Yes?” Sienna says, pointing towards Alpha William. He is terrible and pervert alpha, who was suspected of killing his own mate.

“So, Sienna, do you expect us to follow the words of a woman?” he says the word woman like one might say vermin.

My stomach clenches. I’m going to beat him up.

Sienna speaks up, and I see her eyes harden. “Do you think that just because I have a vagina it means I cannot do things like men? Or even better than some men can?” she looks at him straight in the eye as she says that. “Vagina’s go through hell every month while your dicks just have one-night stands. I would prefer to be considered as an equal here Alpha William. Do not forget who aided you in the mate murder case.” she adds sharply.

My wolf howls in pride as all the men in the room go red.

Alpha Morris raises his hand. “Yes?” Sienna says.

“For how long have you been going on missions? Are you a seductress? And, also, have there been any failed missions?”

Sienna stiffens before replying. Her lips part to let a sigh escape and I find myself looking at them. God, imagine what they would feel like...Are they as soft as they were before? Sienna’s voice stops my thoughts from going into that dangerous place.

“I have been doing missions since I was 12, Yes, I am a seductress and there has only been one failed mission in the last 25 years.”

Damn. I hear impressed mutters around me.

Alpha Morris asks another question. “Which mission was the failed one? Who’s pack was involved?”

I freeze at the look in her eyes. It’s a shattered look, the look she wore that night. She covers it up quickly and clears her throat.

“That failed mission was at The Shadow Pack. The mission objective was to strengthen the pack and provide for the females.” her voice is hoarse and I feel pain, guilt and regret.

“Why did it fail?” asks Morris.

“The people there didn’t need any assistance.”

I catch what she’s implying. I didn’t need her resistance. What a foolish thought. But it’s better if she thinks that way, she won’t be mated to a monster like me.

She unscrews the lid of the water bottle nearby and takes a few sips.

Then she looks around the room, at all of us.

“If any of you need assistance from SWA, no matter what problem, rogues, perverts or training to war, we will support you. It’s a tough world out there, and everyone should get all the support available. Don’t hesitate to contact us. If you want to set up meetings I’ll call my assistant right now.”

She’s perfect for a luna.

But, who’s the assistant? could it be a male? Did she have a boyfriend?

My wolf growls at the thought.

Instead, a blonde-haired man and a familiar-looking woman walk in.

“Everyone, this is my partner Hardin Lates and assistant Felicity Nott.”

I can’t stop my gasp.

That confident-looking woman was weak and frail little Fel?

I gape at them and Felicity gives me a small smile.


I stare at Sienna through the corner of my eye. She’s talking to Felicity and Harden. Harden’s arm is around her. Why? I feel anger. Rage. Jealousy.

Harden spots me and looks at me curiously, and I turn away.

I step inside the limousine. “Mailey request Ms. Rivers to put our pack on the list please.”

Mailey nods and steps out.

I nod at the driver, and we go back.


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