Warrior Luna ON HOLD

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Chapter 3:

I massaged my aching head as Felicity read out a list of meetings and appointments I had today.

I scowled as my phone rang. “What?” I snarl, not bothering to check the caller id.

“Woah...someone woke up on the wrong side of their bed this morning.” Zane chuckles.

I lean back in my chair and sigh a bit. “Sorry. Long day.”

“So I heard. Kaden’s back?”

“Yeah. How’s Thailand?” I ask, veering the subject to Kyle and Zane’s overdue honeymoon.

“Oh, It’s amazing. Kyle wore a swimsuit last night, and he looked so-” Zane gushes.

I cut him off immediately. “Zane, I don’t need to know my parents love life.”

“Of course. Anyway, Melissa came today at-”

Zane’s usual chatter is cut abruptly by the doors of my office being slammed open by a panic-stricken agent from the communications department.

“Ms. River’s! Shadow Territory is under attack!”


Kaden pov:

I rush outside, hearing the screams of pack members. Then I freeze in shock at the sight in front of me.

Cottages, trees and fields are on fire, burning through, and making buildings and branches collapse.

I shift into my wolf immediately, and my eyes widen as I see a toddler standing between a tree that looks like it’s about to fall.

I run there as fast as I can, then push her into the arms of her sobbing mother. My wolf whines as my fur slowly singer, and I look up.

But it’s too late.

I watch, entranced, as the flames engulf me.

Then an angel comes and holds me.

She has a brown and a blue eye.



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