Warrior Luna ON HOLD

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Chapter 4:


I try hard not to break down as I see the medical team run around Kaden’s bedside. His complexion is pale and waxy and there are sweat beads all over his forehead. The hospital gown hangs from his limp frame, and a network of tubes caress him.

I go and sit on the metal chair outside. If I stay in there any longer I’ll go crazy.

I sigh in weariness and put my head in my hands.


Cold hands are digging into my skin. I leap up and spring into a defensive stance, ready to attack whoever had interrupted my momentary peace.

I look to my side and see a terrified woman in nursing scrubs. “S-sorry, I just wanted t-t-to tell you he has woken up.”

I walk immediately to his room, sending a grateful smile at the woman.

I walk in and those amber eyes are immediately on me, following me like a laser point.

‘Hey.’ I say. Then mentally smack myself. Hey? That’s what you come up with? Mocks my wolf.

‘Hi.’ he says, amused.

“Sooo...you almost died. Broken ribs and lungs full of smoke. The smoke wasn’t allowing you to heal.′ Great job En! Tell the dude he almost died!

His eye twitches, and he sighs. ‘Yeah.’

I nod. “I...I’m gonna go.” I say, turning and heading for the door when sparks erupt on my hands. I look down to see his hand holding mine.

“Don’t go. Stay.” he whispers. His body’s still strong, but his eyes...they’re vulnerable.

My heart aches for him despite all that’s happened and I sigh in defeat. ‘Only for sometime.’

His eyes brighten and I hold in the smile threatening to come on my face.

We jump as the door bangs. In walks the blonde girl of my nightmares.



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