Warrior Luna ON HOLD

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Chapter 5:

“Kaden! I just heard what happened, are you okay?” Wails Gwen as she walks in.

My body turns rigid as she turns her cold blue eyes on me. “Have we met before?”

I count till three in my head to make sure I don’t punch her before nodding. “I’m Sienna Rivers, I believe that we met a few years ago.”

“Oh.” she says, unintrested.

She scuttles over to Kaden and puts a hand on his bicep. I stifle a growl as she leans in for a kiss, and much to my wolfs delight, Kaden turns away and shifts uncomfortably.

Feeling resentment and anger I nd at them. “Nice seeing you again, Gwen, I’ll be leaving now. Work on getting better Alpha Storm.”

Kaden snarls and I know why. Mates hate it when their partner calls them by their title, as they were made to be equals.

I walk out the door, igoring the screechy questions of the man and woman I left behind.


I grinned as Felicity thwacked Harden on the head with her remote. “You idiot!” She hisses. “I died when that fricking clown leaped out! We’re watching people bleed to death in a bathtub when we could be staring at channing tatums gorgeousness!”

I giggle as Harden groans in defeat. “Alright woman put what you want!”

She smiles in happiness. I watch the two of them while feasting on buttery popcorn and ice’cream. Today is cheat night. When Fel and I first came here, we were so wrapped up in our jobs and staying healthy and fit for missions that we barely communicated with each other. Then Harden came along and Cheat Night was formed. It would be the one night we would pig out on carbs and fats, watch movies until our eyes became bloodshot and behave like the nutjobs that we were. Due to our wolf abilities, all the fats burned off within two hours. It was the same thing with alcohol.

Harden wraps an arm around me and I lean into him, breathing into his comforting scent. Harden was a gay wolf, and even though humans were accepting homosexuals and gay/ lesbian people, wolves would not. They were thought of as ‘abominations.’ Harden’s own family had abandoned him for this reason, and I knew that this hurt him more than he cared to admit.

All of us had had a tough time, so we became our own family. And boy did I love being a part of it.

I still as a knock is heard on the door.

Fel and Den freeze too, and they look at me for instructions. I grab the skewer that the chicken was roasting on, and slowly tiptoe to the door.

I swing it open and press the skewer to the visitor’s face, only to realise that it’s Kaden. “Oh. It’s you.” I say as I relax and put the skewer down.

Instantly his eyes go onyx black. “Why do you smell like another male?” he hisses.

Oh shit.


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