Warrior Luna ON HOLD

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Chapter 6:

I watch as he starts trembling head to toe, eyes flashing both amber and onyx as he struggles to control his wolf.

I have a mental meltdown as I stare at him. What on earth was I supposed to do?

He shifts into a obsidian black wolf, and I find myself ogling him. The wolf’s eyes are amber, so I know that it’s partial control.

‘Let me take over!’ hisses my wolf.

I decide to listen to her and shift into my wolf. When i’m in wolf for my wolf has total control of my movements, but my presence is still there, hence I couldn’t get rid of my mismatched eyes.

‘You are beautiful. Do not dare to think otherwise!’ growls my wolf.

‘And if I don’t? ’ I sass back at her.

I can see her mental form in her mind giving me a wolfish grin. ‘I’ll make you regret it.’

Before I can register what’s happening she leans forward and licks Kaden’s snout.

I freeze.

Kaden’s wolf licks mine too.

I’m so mortified, I quickly shift back and stand there, red-faced, as I mutter curses to my wolf, who is victoriously yelping.

He shifts back too, as naked as the day he was born. I yelp and look away. Wolves usually end up shifting back naked, it takes a lot of practice to shift back fully clothed. But since I needed enemies to focus on my punches and not body, I managed.

“I won’t mind it if you look at me you know.” he says, his voice sending shivers down my spine.

“But I would.” I snap.

His eyes go black again.

“Who’s scent was all over you?” he asks.

I stare at him in disgust. “Why do you care? You had absolutely no problem sleeping around?”

I watch as he snarls in anger.

My wolf pounds against my forehead, giving me a migraine.

I walk up to him and hesitantly put my fingers on his bicep. Ignoring the sparks I force him to look at me. “Harden hugged me. He’s gay.”

He relaxes at my touch and sighs. “Your scent is so addictive.”

He pulls me to him and buries his face in my hair, which is lying loose over my right shoulder. He inhales and I gasp.

The front door opens once more.

“Well, don’t you two look comfortable.”


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