Warrior Luna ON HOLD

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Chapter 7:

I blush a deep red as an amused Harden and smirking Felicity stare at us from the threshold. I pull away from Harden and reach into the spare bag full of clothes that we keep by the door for after-shifting purposes.

I toss Kaden a pair of shorts to cover his uh, manhood.

“Oh, no, don’t stop now.” Drawls Harden.

I blush once more and glare at him.

“Denny, need I remind you how many times I’ve caught you and Luke?”

Harden blushes and Fel stifles her laughter.

I turn to Kaden. “Was there any particular reason you needed to talk to me?” I ask, fearing the answer.

His expression turns sad and daunting. “I believe we need to talk.”

Felicity and Harden quietly left, sensing the tension.

I gulped, and nervously nodded, trying to keep my composure.

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