Warrior Luna ON HOLD

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Chapter 9:


I watch her, convinced that she’s going to leave.

I haven’t told anyone what happened with my family. Only a few high-ranking elders and iam knew about it. It’s nasty.

I was beginning to feel ashamed about my outburst and tears, and began to blabber. “Shit, Sienna, I’m sorry-”

My words were effectively cut short by what she did next.

She pulled me into a hug, resting her forehead on mine, her beautiful electric blue and caramel brown eyes looking straight at me, but also through my secrets, my stress, my spirit.

She speaks to me softly, hints of purple coming into her eyes, which means that her wolf is also present.

My wolf rumbles in satisfaction at seeing her wolf. ‘Nyx.’ he yelps, running around. ‘Nyx is her name!’

“Kaden. I can’t deny that what you did that night hurt me, bad.” she says, shuddering a bit. I feel a pang of hate for myself for hurting her. Noticing this, she puts her hand on my jaw and pushes up, forcing me to meet her eyes again.

“But, before you punish yourself for something that was out of your control and not your fault, you need to memorise what I’m about to say.” I stare at her beautiful face, waiting. “Kaden, you’re not your father. You are your own person.”

I feel another tear sliding down my cheek, and she wipes it away with her thumb. “But I killed him.” I say, my voice hoarse.

She gives me a small smile. “You let him join his mate, Kade. And we’ve all made mistakes. Life didn’t exactly come with an instructions manual.”

I look at her, smiling. “You wouldn’t have followed the manual even if there was one.”

She laughs. “That’s probably true.” And then her mood turns serious. “But, Kaden, you’re not the only one with abnormal parents.” She sighs, running a hand through her brown hair. I look at herr, concerned, and she begins to speak.

“I never knew my father. My mom must have been extremely young when she had me. When I was three, she-she abandoned me. Zane found me and raised me. I used to go to the spot she left me every day for seven years, wanting to see if she’d be there.”

I hug her, and she clings to me.

We look at each other, and then I lean in and kiss her. I can feel her smile against my lips as she knots her fingers into my hair, making me moan.

We sit like that for a while.


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