Warrior Luna ON HOLD

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Chapter 10:

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I sigh contentedly, remembering the events of the night before.

I look over at the files that I’m supposed to go through before the meeting about the mysterious supernatural drug supplier.

(*see chapter 1*)

I smooth my dress and massage my forehead gently before starting to read.

Pack admission....Territorial dispute....missing persons....obituary of an elder....rogue...

Wait a minute.


I scan the paper while gripping my chair furiously.

The general communications officer, Will comes in.

“Will? Why wasn’t I informed of the rogue problem near Dressilian Pack?” I ask, struggling to keep my temper.

He trembles in fright. To be fair, I can be pretty tremble-worthy.

“T-the rogue w-was captured Ms. Rivers. He s-s-surrendered.It wasn’t important.” stammers Will.

I frown, brow creasing in thought. Surrendered? What the heck was that rogue playing at? “I’ll decide whether or not it’s important. You may leave.”

An uneasy feeling grips my stomach as my wolf whines.

Something’s fishy here. Other than Harden’s socks.


I thrum my fingers on the steering wheel, an anxious tic I developed. I can’t shake this uneasiness and sense of foreboding away. Rogues surrendering was practically unheard of. For warrior rogues, it was even rarer. Their motto was to murder as many packs, or die trying.

“I agree.” speaks Nyx.

I snort in sarcasm. “Gosh darn, you agree? What have we come to?′

She snarls. “Don’t you dare sass me.” I can feel her hurt through the link. I try to pacify her.

“Nyx, I’m sorry. I’m just stressed out is all.”

She waves her nose in the air. I can practically see her ego inflating. “Hmpfh.”

I hear the office doors of Alpha Morris of the Jade Moon Pack open, and I stand up too meet him.

“Alpha Morris.” I say, nodding my head slightly at the grey haired man.

“Please, call me Derek.” he implores.

I smile gently at him. “Derek. I presume you know about the rogue surrendering in Alpha William’s territory? The Dresillian Pack?”

He frowns. “Ah, yes, I do remember, but I thought it was taken care of?”

I sigh. “The rogue surrendered. A warrior one.”

His thick eyebrows prance up in surprise. Yeah, that. “Surrendered?” he asked, as if I had just told him I had spiked his drink.


“Where is he kept now? Alive?”

“Barely. Kept as prisoner.” I say, running a hand through my hair.

Derek turns his speculative grey eyes on me. “What exactly do you need Ms.Rivers?”

“Reinforcements. I want all the help I can get if there is to be a war. I believe there is more going on with the rogue packs than any of us know.”

He smiles at me. “Jade Moon has your back.”

I smile back at him, a real, genuine smile. Jade Moon was one of the biggest, most influential packs in the continent, so having them in additio to the SWA soldiers and agents would be a real advantage. “Thank you. I’m heading to meet the rogue right now.”

He looks at me. “You’re a good one, Sienna Rivers.”

I smile at his praise and hold out a hand, which he takes, covering with his own. He pulls me into a hug, which surprises me, but feels comforting all the same.

“What the hell is going on here?” thunders a onyx-eyed Kaden.

There’s no way I’m going to be alive after this.



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(the picture above is wolfsbane, also known as aconitum)

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