Warrior Luna ON HOLD

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Chapter 11:

Alpha Morris gulps audibly. I can relate.

Kaden is doing his whole jealous-as-f**k-with-black-eyes-and trembling body-thing.

I walk over and place my hand on his arm. Dayymnn. How much does he work out? My wolf dances with pride as I shake my head, trying to get my head out of the gutter.

But it doesn’t work. He doesn’t relax like he’s supposed to.

Alpha Morris goes pale as Kaden takes a step forward. I wouldn’t be surprised if he shits his pants at this point.

“You dare touch my mate?” he hisses. Oh wait. His wolf’s in control.

To save Alpha Morris, I do the stupidest thing possible.

I sling myself on Kaden’s back and straddle him, then place my lips on his.

That’s me. Always the selfless person. Note the sarcasm.

The kiss is amazing. At first, Kaden doesn’t respond but then moves his lips softly against mine.

Kaden’s wolf is so surprised that he gives Kaden control, making his eyes flash amber once more, making me realise what I’d just done.

Why me god?


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