Warrior Luna ON HOLD

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Chapter 12:

I climb off him awkwardly, struggling to control my flaming cheeks.

Alpha Morris looks at us with dawning realisation on his face. “Y-you’re mates?”

I nod and clear my throat.

“Shall we go then?”

He agrees and sends for his car. Kaden and I stand together for a few minutes.

“Where are you going?” he asks pensively, looking straight at me.

I avoid his gaze.

He grips my arms. “Sienna. Where are you going?”

I growl and glare at him. “To interrogate a rogue at Dressilian Pack.”

He frowns. “Not alone you aren’t.”

“I’m not alone. Derek is coming with me.”

“Oh, so he’s Derek now, is he?” Jealousy seeps into his tone.

I roll my eyes.

He stares at me again for a moment.

“Forgive me.” he mutters.


I get cut off by a searing pain in the base of my neck. I scream, unable to hold back the unexplicable agony I’m in.

I feel his canines elongate and contract, and his soft warm and wet tongue sweeps over the cut.

Suddenly my screams turn into moans as heavenly pleasure fills my body.

I realise where I am and what just happened.

I throw Kaden a murderous glare.

“What.The.Fuck. Did you just mark me?” I ask, my voice silky with masked anger and resentment.

How dare he? I can’t focus on this! I can’t abandon SWA just to be his Luna! I have a life!


I cut him off by holding a hand up.

Alpha Morris’s SUV comes into view, and without another word I turn and walk to it. I sit inside, not giving Kaden a single glance.

My wolf Nyx, howls and screams at me to go back to him. Theres an invisible line that seems to be pulling us both together.

“Is everything alright?” Derek asks.

I nod, and we speed towards the border.



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