Warrior Luna ON HOLD

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Chapter 13:

I finger the strap of my watch uneasily. As soon as we entered the Dressilian Pack territory, my wolf had been on edge.

Evening had arrived, the darkness surrounding us thickly as Derek, and Quinn, the Alpha of the Dressilian Pack lead the way into the dungeon.

We clamber down a flight of stairs. I try hard not to shiver in disgust as the smell of urine and blood reaches me.

The dungeon is badly lit, with dim yellow lights hanging from the ceiling.

But I know better than to underestimate it. This has held powerful and bloodthirsty wolves for years; it will continue to do so. But I do not care about any other rogue right now.

I only request the presence or one.

And if requesting doesn’t work, I’ll demand.

And they’ll be damned if they don’t give it to me.

I can feel Nyx growl in approval in the back of my mind, making my skull rattle.

I scan the dingy silver-made and wolfsbane coated cells absentmindedly, looking for the face I saw on the report.

Quinn clears his throat. “The rogue is this way Ms. Rivers.”

I look at him.

Quinn is around my age, and is, definitely, a swoon-worthy man. His upper-body muscles are well toned, fitting the blue t-shirt he wears perfectly. His brown curls and blue eyes seek attention.

When we arrived here he greeted us warmly. He seems playful, yet knows when to get serious. Like he is now. He seems to be a light-hearted man. A good one.

God, we need more of good men.

I nod at him, showing my approval. “Call me Sienna please.”

He smiles, revealing his pearly whites.

That smile disappears as the hysterical laughter of a male reaches our ears.

“Well, Well. I was waiting to see how long it would take her to show up.”




Well, here’s an update. I know it’s short, but ya’ll were so thirsty for more I had to update.

PS. I LOVE the way Nina Dobrev looks in the above picture.

PPS. I’ve opened a new instagram account, where all of my information for updates, etc will be. Submit fanart here too. Username: at sam_writes.xx

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