Warrior Luna ON HOLD

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Chapter 14:

(A/N: I imagine Lucky Blue Smith as Felix, but you’re free to picture anyone you want.)

I grimace at the sight before me.

A tall man sits in the corner of the high-security cell. He lifts his head to look at us and I gape at him.

Lord, he is fine.

He has white-blonde hair and a light colored stubble on his jaw, giving him a ruggish look. His eyes are blood red, like any other rogue’s, and his eyebrows are thick and wideset.

His full mouth is curved into a smirk.

I realise I’ve been ogling, so I clear my throat.

Time for business.


He regards me for a moment before replying. “James.”

I study his body language. “Real name?”

He smiles. “So the rumours were true. Felix.”

“What rumours?” I ask.

“The fact that you were a powerful one. That you had been helping many packs.”

“Who said?”

He smirks. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

I hiss at the disrespect. Time to show him that nobody’s playing around here.

I press a button on the small remote stuck to the wall next to the cell. The air hums with electricity and the bars of the cell crackle with power.

I watch emotionlessly as Felix writhes and screams in pain, shuddering as the currents go through his body.

He slumps to the floor.

I press another button to make the cell door swing open, and I walk inside.

Then I bend near the place Felix is lying down and grip a handful of hair on the back of his head with my right hand.

I pull, causing his head to be wrenched backwards as he growls.

I pull my lips near his ear, trying to ignore his filthy roguish scent.

“I think I asked you a question.” I whisper, smirking inwardly as he whimpers.

“Fa-Faeus.” he gasps. “He is about to attack. You have a spy amongst your midst.”

I growl, not able to stand the thought of someone’s betrayal.

And Faeus...that stupid vermin. I thought we had killed him on the wolfsbane raid.

I walk out of the cell, lock it shut and stare at Derek and Quinn.

Their faces are identical masks of shock, as they struggle to absorb the news.

There’s a mole in one of the packs or, even worse-in the SWA.




Anyway, double update! I think I’m on a roll, so you should be getting an update soon enough!

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