Warrior Luna ON HOLD

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Chapter 15:

I pace the marble floor of the Dressilian Pack house.

My body has been a bundle of nerves ever since we interrogated Felix.

I need to be prepared....

I called at the SWA and told Felicity what was happening. She and Harden are going to take care of it at the academy and the surrounding area’s.

Quinn rang up the neighbouring territories as well.

The only places remaining are the central packs...Kaden’s pack being one of them.

We’ve been sitting like this for half an hour, debating and wondering how on earth we’re supposed to contact them.

We would have asked the packs we’ve called to tell him, but we’re not sure who to trust.

My fingers absently stroke my mark. It’s still an imprint of Kaden’s canines. When...if, we mate, the bite will turn into a symbolic tattoo of something that represents our connection.

Our bond.

I gasp. “That’s it!” I shriek, not caring about looking like I’ve got a screw loose.

Quinn looks quizzicaly at me as Derek grows paler. Ever since we came to know of the attack he’s been finding new shades of white to morph his face into.

“I can contact Kaden with the mate’s link!” I say, beaming with the euphoric sense of eureka.

“You’re mates with Alpha Kaden?” Quinn yelps.

“Yeah, why, did you want me?”

He wiggles his eyebrows comically. “Honey, the opposite. I wanted him.”

I laugh, and he joins me.

“Well? Are you going to try it or not?” he asks.


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