Warrior Luna ON HOLD

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Chapter 16:

(A/N: I decided to change Felicity’s character into Jacquie Lee. Fel is in the pic to the side/above. Say hi, everybody!)

I gulp audibly.

Slowly, I lift my fingers to my mark. Then, I close my eyes and send a silent plea to Nyx for help.

I reach out mentally, searching for anything that might connect me to him.

Nyx purrs and sends a silver strand to me.

I touch it, gasping as I feel a newfound power and warmth rush through me.

I’m standing in a study.

No. Kaden’s standing in a study.

A study thats in shambles. The chair is scattered around in splinters, the table is torn apart, bookshelves are hanging aimlessly whilst the books are on the floor.

“Kaden?” I ask.

He’s startled. “Sienna?”

“Yeah, hi, no time for chit-chat; I don’t know how long I can hold this link. You have to listen. Faeus is attacking us. We don’t know when, or how; all we know is that he’s going to attack here. You need to be prepared. And they have an insider. You need to be here with reinforcements.”

“What?" he yelps.

I can feel the connection fading...shit!

“Okay, I have to go, Quinn needs to know this.”

“Who’s Quinn?” he demands, eyes blazing with blatant jealousy and possessiveness.

The link fades completely.

I open my eyes, and turn to Quinn.

“They’re coming.”

At this precise moment, Derek shifts into a muddy brown wolf and runs out.



Yup, Derek’s the traitor.

*GASP* I know, you prolly thought it was Quinn or Gwen or somebody.

Nobody guessed it, so I guess nobody gets a dedication.

Cept for me.




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