Warrior Luna ON HOLD

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Chapter 2:

I pulled my sunglasses off as I reviewed the lush green fields before me. I had accepted the mission and agreed to go undercover to the pack.

Nobody was to know my real identity, yet I could use my real name as a cover. Funny how that works.

I stepped out of the black jeep that was mine for the mission. Pulled out a rucksack. Then a black suitcase.

A group of kids playing in the nearest field stared at me with intrigue. I guess it’s not every day that a random girl shows up wearing all black and sunglasses.

I hiss and make a scowling face at them, smirking as they shriek in terror and run to their parents.

I think about what I was sent here for. I’m supposed to be training the pack and helping them prepare for war against Bloodthirst.

Apparently this used to be a great warrior pack at one time, but they evolved into a much more peace-loving one.

Hmpfh. Sissies.

I scan the small cosy looking clusters of houses in the main ground. Two seem to be the largest. The largest one has colourful drawings on the doors and cement outer walls, so it must be the packhouse. Which means...

The other one is the Alpha and Luna quarters. I head there straight away, wanting to have a talk with the Alpha regarding training times and things like that.

I take long strides, a difficult feat with my medium length legs.

I reach there finally. Allowing myself a moment of rest, I took in long swooping breaths.

Then I pushed the door open.

A stunned man stares at me from his seat at a sofa. He wears black sweatpants and no shirt. In his hands is a gaming console. He has black hair, messed up on the side, and amber gold eyes. Soft lips. Harsh jawline.

Most of all, his scent. My friends had described to me that a mate’s scent always smelt like something that appeals to you the most. But his scent was something totally different. It appealed to me, sure. It was a mix of chemicals that burned out of him, along with the shampoo and soap he used. I was in heaven just smelling him.

He’s perfect.

My wolf started to say something “Ma-”

I cut her off immediately. No. No. I would not have a mate. Mate’s made you weak. They were a liability.

I walked inside, trying to ignore how insecure I felt suddenly. I had collarbone shoulder-length brown hair, a slender and lean, curvy body, and black cat-eye spectacles. But my eyes...I had one brown and one blue eye. I had been born this way and got loads of harsh comments from people around me. Devil’s child they said. When I had my first shift, no adult wolf had told me what to expect, so I went through it alone. Survived the pain alone.

Until Zane came. He took me to his house and raised me, then recruited me for the academy. I used to be a fat, chubby kid, despite starving on the streets for many days. I had been weak.

I feel a familiar prickling sensation of tears, but I push it away.

I clear my throat. “Are you the Alpha?”

He stands up, attempting to smooth his tousled hair. “Um ya. Nice to meet you. I’m Alpha Kaden Storm.” He holds out a hand.

I don’t shake it, knowing that I ’d feel the mate bond if I touched him. “Sienna Rivers.”

Apparently he’s not blind to the fact that we might be mates; he doesn’t pull his arm back.

I look at him and his eyes hold an unspoken challenge.

I grunt in frustration before giving in and shaking it.

The electric sparks I felt were so much stronger than what I expected.

I jerked my arm back. He looks at me for a second but doesn’t comment.

“So, Ms Rivers-”


“Sienna. What was so important that you had to interrupt my gaming?”

Ugh. Gaming.

“I’m actually the new trainer and ally for this pack. Zane Ramirez suggested me to you?”

“Ah. Yes,” he says, running a hand across his hair.


I hesitated before walking to the sofa and sitting there. “What time should I expect the pack to show up for training? I need four hours for all the wolves above 16 years of age. The rest I want to take separately for self-defence. I paused, considering throwing in something I hadn’t discussed with Zane. “I’ll be focusing on females mostly.”

His eyes soften. “Of course. You can take the wolves from 6 am to 10, and the pups for 4-7 pm.”

I nod. “Alright. Works for me.”

We sit on the sofa.

His eyes turn serious and I stare at him warily, knowing his next words won’t exactly be pleasant to hear.

But I wasn’t prepared for this.

“Look Sienna, you seem like a great woman. But I can’t afford to have a mate right now. My enemies could use you as leverage. I’m sorry.”

My jaw drops. My wolf howls in pain. I stare at him, dumbfounded. Then my temper ignites. “Enna no!′ hisses Zane in my earpiece. But I’m past it.

“Excuse me, but you don’t get to reject me! I’m the one who does the rejecting. Do you think I want some bratty prude of a sexy man to be my mate? No! But I must have been a turkey in my previous life so the goddess is punishing me.” I snarl.

His eyebrows go up, and he watches me, amused. “A turkey?”

If I was animated, steam would be coming out of my ears.

“Gah...you..how dare...I...ugh you’re insufferable!” I splutter.

Determined to have the last word, I grab my luggage, kick the door open and march out, head held high.


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