Warrior Luna ON HOLD

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Chapter 19:

Quinn stares at me, shocked, holding a hand to his already swelling face.

Then, he smiles.

The nerve.

I growl, raising my hand, about to give him a permanent wedgie when my wolf stops me.

“No. Don’t harm Beta.”


Realisation hits me like cold concrete, and I stumble backwards as howls pierce the air.

Dressilian Pack.

My pack.

I look at Quinn and Derek, who nod, faint smiles on their faces, confirming my suspicion.

I am the Alpha.

“B-but how?” I manage, shock overwhelming all senses.

“I never wanted this life. I saw your wolf and knew how powerful she was, and I wasn’t exactly the best Alpha. You’ll be a better one, and the extra strength will play to your advantage in the battlefield.”

I opened by mouth to quip him but closed it again. Everything he said made sense. But I wouldn’t let him go that easily.


He chuckles.

More pack members start to come into the clearing, we turn to them.

“Dressilian pack, meet your new Alpha, Sienna Rivers.” Quinn announces, voice warm with pride.

They all turn to look at me, and in unison, they bare their necks. Accepting their Alpha.

Accepting me.









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