Warrior Luna ON HOLD

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Chapter 3:

I can’t stop the dry sobs that escape my mouth as I walk into my assigned cabin. It’s a quaint and cosy cottage type house that smells like lavender.

The ground floor has a kitchen, a dining room, a living room with a fireplace and bookshelves and a tv, and a garden. A flight of stairs near the kitchen lead to the first and last floor, which has three bedrooms. I pick one with a window seat to be my bedroom, imagining rainy evenings curled up with a book over there. The walls are white, but Kenna, a pack member of around 30 years of age assured me that I can have it painted any colour.

There’s a body length mirror in the bathroom, and there’s another mirror on the dressing table in my room.

I unpack my clothes and place them in the wardrobe, then strip the blacktop and sweatpants I’m wearing, desperate to get into the shower to calm down.

I let my wolf show her emotions in the shower, and tears escape my eyes and run down my cheeks.

I stay in the shower until my skin resembles prunes, then come out and dress in a grey sweatshirt and black shorts. I packed some of my all-time reads with me, and I place them neatly on the bookshelves downstairs.

I hear the light patter of water and peek through the curtains to see rain. I sigh gratefully. I don’t have to deal with anybody right now.

I go to the kitchen and open the cupboards. The drawers, shelves and cupboards are generously stocked with food, ingredients, crockery and utensils. I make myself a cup of hot cocoa, light a fire in the fireplace, pick a book, then relax on the big cushy armchair.

I eventually succumb to my drowsiness and drift off to sleep.


“No! Mommy! Come back!” I cry.

Mommy left me.

But I was a good girl. Why did she leave me? My eyes start hurting from crying.

I walk. It’s raining. My dress is dirty.

I cry more, screaming for mommy.

A warm hand touches my face. A man with kind green eyes looks at me. “Hello, little one. Where is your mommy?” I feel angry all of a sudden.

“She left me. She left me even though I was a good girl.”

His eyes turn sad. “That happened to me too you know. “He says.

I look at him, eyes wide. “Really?”

He nods. Then he asks. “Would you like to come and stay with me?”

I smile. Then I hug him.

He laughs and asks me my name.

"Sienna,” I say.


I wake up from my nightmare screaming. It’s nothing new, I’ve been getting nightmares forever.

Then I notice something. My body is burning, and I feel pain.

Well, shit.

I’m in heat. This means that my body is going to be calling to every horny male wolf within the town. I leap up and run to every door and window in the house; my cousin got raped by a man when she had her first heat.

After doing that I go upstairs and cover myself with the bedsheet in my room, shivering as waves of pain course through my body.

I wait for Kaden to come because he must be feeling it too, right?

He never comes.

Ignoring the tears slipping down my face, I lie down and go to sleep.


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