Warrior Luna ON HOLD

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Chapter 6:

I turn to Kaden too, interested in whether he’ll introduce me as his mate.

“This is Sienna Rivers, she’s the new trainer for the pack. Ms Rivers, this is Gwendolyn Mers. She’s the daughter of Gamma Mers.”

I expected him to not introduce me as his mate, but it hurts nonetheless.

I nod at Gwen. “Nice to meet you, Kaden has told me a lot about you,” I say, trying to keep the venom out of my voice.

Gwen looks me up and down in a scrutinising manner. “Does your hair always poof up like that? God, you’re an omega right?”

Omega’s are the last rank in the pack, and they are looked down upon. I hated this, but it was how things were.

I send a glare at her while keeping up my face indifferent. “Yes, my hair’s naturally like this, unlike certain people who have to rush to salon’s to get the same effect. Guess I’m blessed huh? And no, I’m not omega. My father was an Alpha. But I do have a few Omega friend’s, and their wonderful, despite their rank.” I fire back.

Her make-up coated face turns an ugly purple-red colour.

I try not to grin in satisfaction. But I remember the fact that Kaden was sitting with her at the bonfire.

Ugly feelings rise inside of me and I know I’m close to snapping her neck. I take a deep breath and start walking back.

A hand grabs mine. I look at my arm to see pointy red nails digging into it. “Scared, bitch?” asks Gwen.

I snarl at her. She’s so surprised, she takes a step back. “No, I just couldn’t stand breathing into your stench anymore.” I spit before walking away.


I hear Kaden running behind me, trying to catch up.

He grabs hold of my hand the way Gwen did, and I wrench it away.

I reach the house first and run inside and try to close the door but his stupid foot blocks it.

I grunt in frustration and turn around to face him. “What?” I hiss.

“Why are you so angry?” he whispers.

I scoff. I can’t believe he just asked that.

“Really? My own mate is ashamed of me and you’re asking me why I’m angry?”

His amber eyes turn black; he’s losing control.

“Ashamed? Ashamed?” he hisses.

He opens the door and advances on me, my eyes open as I step back.

I shiver a bit as his hand strokes my face. “You’re so beautiful, strong and perfect,” he whispers. “Nobody can be ashamed of you. I was worried about making you uncomfortable, so I didn’t.”

He puts his hand on either side of my face, until our foreheads touch. I look into his amber eyes, I could have stared into them for days.

His eyes carry a question, and I give him a small nod.

He puts his lips on mine.

Everything ignites.

He tastes amazing, and his lips mould with mine perfectly, like they are made for me. His lips are soft and full, and I want to kiss like this forever.


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