Warrior Luna ON HOLD

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Chapter 7:

We pull apart, lips swollen, faces flushed, taking in deep, ragged breaths.

What was that? I’d kissed, even slept with other men, but nobody had been able to give me that feeling.

Judging from the wonder and surprise in his eyes, he was thinking the same thing.

Then his eyes suddenly turn into that cold facade again.

“Tonight was a mistake. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that,” he says before walking out.

I stare after him.

Why can’t he just make up his mind? Why does he have to drag me into this? Why can’t I just get a normal mate who loves me for who I am?

I realise that tears are slipping down my face. My heart hurts so badly I want to rip it out. Instead, I hug myself, gripping both my arms to my stomach as I sink to my knees and slump on the floor.

My wolf howls in agony. I lock the door and head upstairs.

My pillow was going to be soggy and dripping tonight.


I wake up, feeling the jolts of pain worsen. This wasn’t heat.


It can’t be.

My mate is sleeping with another woman.


I need to see this for myself. He wouldn’t do that to me, right?

I stop near the Alpha’s quarters. Am I just supposed to storm in there?

Fortunately, Kaden and Gwen solved that for me.

I heard moaning and looked to my left inside the thicket of blackberries.

Kaden had his hands around a blonde figure with red nails. They both were making inhumane sounds as Kaden moved up and down. Gwen’s back was towards me, so I couldn’t see her face.

The blonde screamed his name.

He sighed and opened his eyes.

And saw me.

No amount of training could have prepared me for this moment.

Pain. Lot’s of it. And anger.

That’s what I felt. And for once I let my barriers down, let him see what he had done to me.

Guilt swam in his amber eyes.

I walked away. I couldn’t deal with this.

My voice is hollow and empty as I speak to Zane. “Mission Abort.”

I closed my eyes.


Everything was packed. I took the keys of the black jeep ut and wore black sunglasses to conceal my rd, puffy eyes.

“Wait!” called out a voice. My heart leapt, thinking it was Kaden.

Damn wishful thinking.

Instead, Felicity was hauling a baby pink suitcase.

I stared at her. “Just what do you think you’re doing?”

She looks at me. I recognise the emotion. I’ve seen it on myself whenever I look at a mirror. Determination and stubbornness.

“I know it must have been something bad judging from the way you are. He slept with someone didn’t he?” she says.

My face must have told her what she needed. “Damn him,” she says. “I rejected him as an Alpha. He no longer holds command over me. I’m going with you. I haven’t found my mate either, so I have nothing holding me back.” she continues.

Then she gives me a hug. “I’m here for you.”

I feel a lump of emotion rise in my throat. “Thank you so much.”

She looks at me. “We girls need to stick together huh?”

She hops into the shotgun seat and I rouse the car, driving away into the night.


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