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Makeover : Paybacks A Bitch - Cliché, Not So Much

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A senior in high school, she is what she thinks is a stereotypical looser. Out of control hair, only one close friend, too tall and too intelligent. But then she caught the attention of one of the popular kids and he asked her out. They start dating and everything is great until she catches him in a compromising position. Heart broken, her mother takes her out shopping to make her feel better. It is there she meets another player in our game. Happy ending short story about heartbreak, realisation, new experience and falling for two men. Menage mfm. No mxm love.

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Chapter One

Hello everyone.

My name is Avery Elliot, I am eighteen and what most would class as a nerd, a looser. I'm not saying I'm ugly or anything, but I am quite intelligent, tall - I've always been tall for my age and more often than not, taller than the guys in my year. That accompanied with no sense of style, oversized clothing which hide my growing curves, uncontrollable frizzy brown hair which resembled a birds nest and thick brows and you have me - the girl who has no sporting ability and trips over her feet at least twice a day.

My mom tells me all the time I'm not ugly, that I am beautiful, I just need to pay my looks more attention - she didn't mean it nastily. She is a single mom in her mid thirties but told me she never regretted having me. She works as a cosmetic consultant in expensive boutique store and often offers to rein in my hair and buy me new clothes. I know a few of her work colleagues would love to help, they have said as much.

But I am a shy about my body and looks, so much so that I wear large coats in the middle of summer to hide my body.

So imagine my surprise Joey West - star footballer jock of our schools team - asked me on a date. He is eighteen, a beefy, wide footballer with black hair, stunning grey eyes. He is just gorgeous. Lisa Tasker - my best friend - had been quick to agree for me and went on to tell me how lucky I was.

Our friendship is an unlikely one because she is perfect. Blonde, blue eyed, beautiful, smart and rich. Most people think she is stuck up, but we've been friend since we were little and she has always been alright with me.

Much to the confusion of the kids at school we dated for a couple weeks when I decided that I'd finally have the makeover my mom offered and surprise him on Monday. That way his team mates and the other kids might stop teasing us.

He was out with his team mates, so I decided to go to Lisa's to ask for help.

I try to call her, but her phone went to voicemail. Entering the house, I didn't bother knocking on the front door, her house was almost like my second home. I was always there. It was still early, but I knew her parents would already be out and she'd be home alone.

Heading up to her, I all but ran into her room excited to start.

But the moment I did I wished I didn't.

On top of the covers - half naked - was my so-called best friend and my boyfriend.

They were so busy humping that neither noticed me. I was upset, heartbroken and furious. He had lied about everything, cheated on me with my best friend and lord only knows what else. And Lisa, she is as bad... No, worse than him.

He was a known player, I should have known better. But Lisa, she was my life long friend, as good as my sister.

I don't know how long it had been going on, but that doesn't matter because karma is a bitch.

You're probably asking 'why not confront them there and then?'

In all honesty, I wanted to see what would happen on Monday, if she'd act differently and so on. I left the room as silently as I entered and a planned formed in my head.


I returned home and told my mom what happened. She was ready to go around and beat Lisa and him both. But I managed to talk her out of it and we continued with my makeover as planned.

She had no tolerance for cheaters after my own father - her high school sweetheart - cheated on her with - ironically - her best friend - who was married with kids. Mom dumped him, he left without much argument and never looked back. I have never heard from him or had him try to contact me.

Even before the make-up, just smarting up my hair and clothes had done a miracle. Mom even convinced me that I didn't need my eyebrows plucked, they actually looked good as is. Plus big brows are in or so I'm told.

But I still needed more clothes, I only have a few that fit, which my mom had brought for me but I have never wore until now. And that's where we were right now, in my mom's favorite store, near to the place she worked.

It is a place I've rarely been because whenever I went shopping with Lisa it was always in the mall to check out boys. Slag. I have to stop thinking about them because it just makes me want to cry and rip her hair out.

This store - Evie's - is down a street which I like to call fancy pants Avenue, mainly because you have to have a lot of money to shop at most of the stores down there. Luckily, mom knows and is friends with many of the owners because they tend to shop at the store she works at. For that reason she can mostly get clothes at cost rather than retail.

I have met Evie on a handful of occasions and when I did she always tried to set me up with her son. But I am under no illusion about my looks.

I guess I should have expected Joey cheating on me. In truth, I had asked him straight out if it was a dare, bet and we hadn't done anything other than little kisses. He had told me he liked me, had a crush on me for a while and actually acted like he cared.

I was cursing myself for believing him and not seeing what was happening. Now I think back Lisa was always overly kind, staring. At the time I thought she was just trying to be nice for me.

For small store it was really busy. But the staff she employed were great.

I was trying on a fitted red dress, because my mom was having a friend to dinner tomorrow. She came out to me a few years ago and since then has been on dates but this is the first woman she seems serious about.

It would be the first time I'm meeting her. My mom once told me she would never introduce me to one of her friends until she knew it was going somewhere. I understand why, but I'm not a little girl anymore.

My mom had gone to find more clothes for me to try on.

I exit the changing stall I'm in and walk over to large mirror and began looking at myself. The changing area was separate from the rest of the store and was empty when my mom left, so I didn't notice the person until I heard loud swallowing.

"What do you think?" My voice trails off at the end as I turn expecting to see my mom but instead see my all time crushes, Joey being the other.

Charlie West, number one track runner and golden boy at our school. The same age as me, at least six and a half foot, buff - from what I can see. Perfect blonde hair, blue eyes, with a face which looked like it was craved by angels themselves and perfect pearly white teeth. Sadly, he's never spoken a word to me - if anything, he goes out of his way to ignore me. He is also Joey's rival at school, which is kind of strange considering they used to be good friends. I think I heard somewhere they are cousins but I'm not sure.

I think one of the main things that attracts me to him is his height. I don't like guys shorter than me. Joey was only an inch taller, but I didn't mind. Lisa is five foot five, is that why he cheated on me am I too tall?

"It look good, Avery," He replied as if deep in thought staring at me. He recognised me. I didn't even think he knew my name. I felt nervous as he looked me over. But when his expression hardened when he reached my face.

Am I that ugly?

"For Joey?" He indicated with his eyes at the dress. "I'm sure you'll have a fun night." He sounded cruel.

I couldn't hold it in anymore. I felt my bottom lip quiver and all the pain I felt came flooding out in tears.

"Oh shit..." He looked worried and came over surprised me by hugging me. "W..." He paused, moved away and locked the door, stopping anyone else from entering.

"What did he do? I know my cousin is a bit of a prick sometimes. But he really cares about you, I'm sure would ever he said he didn't mean you to change yourself."

"He... He cheated on me," I sodded.

"What?" Charlie looked genuinely surprised. "He wouldn't. He's liked you for ages. That's one of the..." He seemed to stop himself speaking.

"It must be some kind of misunderstanding."

I laugh sadly. "Some kind of misunderstanding? I saw him in bed with Lisa, my best friend!"

His eyes widened.

"He wouldn't..." He seemed to be speaking more to himself now.

"He can't stand Lisa, she's a brat. He wouldn't hurt you!" He said adamantly.

"You've got to say that, he's your family," I snapped back, managing to stop myself crying and turn to return to my cubicle to change into my original clothes.

He took hold of my arm, stopping me.

"I don't know what happened but I'll find out. I didn't let him have you to mess you up."

I turned around with the intention of snapping at him but stopped when I show an expression on his face which reminded me of Joey when he looked at me. I felt my heart beat faster.

And for a moment all I could do is think of kissing him.

"But... You ignore me...?" I mumble unable to let my eyes drift to his lips.

"I could never ignore you, beautiful." He brushed his hand down the side of my face. Placed a delicate kiss on my lips. Leaving me shocked, happy and guilty, all at the same time.

"I'll fix this." He smiled, unlocking the room, leaving me stood mouth gaping and more confused than ever.

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