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Makeover : Paybacks A Bitch - Cliché, Not So Much

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Chapter Two

A couple of hours later...

Mom returned shortly after Charlie left and she was none the wiser. We didn't see the store owner, apparently she out of town on business.

After finding them together I had switched my phone off. But call me a glutton for punishment, I ended up switching it back on.

When I did my phone beeped with messages so much, I had to mute it.

30 missed calls, unknown amount of vociemails and 17 messages on whatsapp. My eyes widened. I wasn't expecting so many.

Two of the messages were from Lisa. Apologising for missing my call and asking me why I was calling. She also bragged about a new guy she was seeing. That's why she was busy. She told me she'd call me later, when she was rested.

There was fourteen messages from Joey and all but one of the missed call from him.

First text message, 'I miss you so much, baby.'

Next message, 'Baby, I need to speak to you ASAP.'

Next, 'Avery, are you alright? Why aren't you answering?'

I read a few more, they were all pretty much the same, so I skipped his messages and the voice mails, I couldn't deal with him and Lisa anymore today.

But then there was a message from a number I didn't recognise. 'Get ready, beautiful, we'll be there to pick you up soon.'

Beautiful? The only person other than Joey to call me that was Charlie.

I was home by this point and in my room. I had a shower and laid in my bed hugging my knees as I sobbed into my pillow.

I am trying to be hard, ruthless, act like I'm not hurting but I am.

I feel like my heart has been torn out.

My eyes started to feel heavy and before I knew it I was asleep.


Joey and Charlie both lay either side of me holding me, but then as if by magic Lisa appeared in my place. I now stood by my bed watching the three of them. She taunted me, rubbing their arms and chests. "Why would anyone want you when they can have me?" Both guys ran their hands down her slim body and began kissing her neck and mouth.

A sob escaped my lips and she smirked in glee. "Please, don't take them," I began begging.

"Shhh, baby," A disembodied voice whispered, it sounded like Joey, but his mouth wasn't moving. In fact he was it was but against hers.

I broke down and everything seemed to fade away until everything was gone. I slowly open my eyes, finally realising it was a dream, but Joey cheating wasn't. Neither was the tears I was now crying.

"Baby, don't cry." My eyes widened realising I'm not alone. In fact the bedroom window is open and in my room is now a worried looking Joey and Charlie.

"W... What do you want?" I sit up. He is sat beside me and Charlie at the end of the bed. "What do you want?" I try to sound strong. "Get out of my room. You aren't welcome."

He looked hurt and for a moment I felt bad until I remembered what he did.

I opened my mouth to order them out but Charlie spoke first. "Let him explain, Avery. He didn't cheat, not really."

I stared at him through narrowed eyes. "Why are you even here?"

"I care about you both."

"Care? You mean because you implied I was a whore or made me cry?"

"No!" He tried to deny and Joey glared to his cousin. "I like you, really care about you." This is messed up.

"Are you bipolar? Does mental problems run in your family? First you pretty much ignore my whole existence, but when you do finally speak to me it is only to call me a whore. I cry, you feel bad, try to cover for your lying ass cousin and then kiss me." This gets Joey's attention. But instead of looking mad his shoulders slump.

"And you, you said you liked me. But turns out your just like everyone else, using me to get into Lisa's pants. And to think I actually thought you felt like I did." A fresh set of tears began to fall. "I liked you both, was even starting to fall for you. But it turns out you're both idiots."

My emotions are running on high and I couldn't seem to control my tongue.

"Please..." Joey went to touch my cheek but I hit his hand away.

I was full on bawling by the point. My mom must have gone out because she would have been in here otherwise.

Tears filled his eyes and it hurt my chest. Why does he have to be so beautiful? I want to hug him but hit him all at the same time.

He looked like a hurt child, I couldn't help it, I leaned forwards and my arms around him. He seemed surprised at first, but then quickly drew his arms around me and pulled me on to his lap. I didn't fight back. I love being in his big arms, I feel safe, adored.

"I didn't have sex in with her, Avery. She wanted me too but I couldn't," He began to tell me. "I only want you."

"I saw you," I whispered still holding him, "Did I do something wrong?"

His arms tightened around me.

"No, baby." He kissed the top of my head. "Why then?"

I couldn't let him go but I couldn't bring myself to look at him either.

I did glance at Charlie though and he was sat on the end of my bed watching us. He gave me a small comforting smile.

"Lisa isn't the girl she pretends to be. She is a manipulative, self-serving witch."

"He's right. She's narcissist bitch," Charlie agreed.

I didn't say anything, I am still unsure why everything is happening.

"She found out something, something I never wanted anyone to know and tried to blackmail me into having sex with her, breaking up with you for her."

I was speechless. Would she really do that to me? We are, correction, were like sisters.

"She would. Like he said, she is manipulative," Charlie must have read my expression.

"You are breaking up with me?" I looked up at Joey.

"No, no, no. Never." He kissed my forehead. "She wanted me to but I told her that wasn't happening. And before you ask..." He paused. "I told her I'd have sex with her if she didn't tell."

A whimper and a whole new set of tears escaped. "I didn't want to, baby. I only want you," He tried to reassure me rocking us not slightly as he held me. "I tried... We kissed, it was disgusting. She began dry humping me and that's when I realised it could and would never happen."

"But I saw..." I thought back. I never actually saw anything beyond what he said, but it did look like Lisa was getting ready too. She was all over him. "You really didn't? Promise?" I couldn't help but hope.

"Never, I couldn't." He cupped my cheek. "I've already got my forever girl and she isn't it."

I gave him a watery smile and tighten my arms around him. "I do care about you, a lot and I know you feel the same. But Lisa is going to tell everyone my secret on Monday, but I want you to hear from me." He paused again obviously worried about what I'd think.

"Let me tell you, then if you don't want to see me anymore, I'd understand," Despite saying that, I could tell by his tone he'd be upset.

How can a jock be so sweet and caring? Aren't they all meant to be arses?

Alright, who's bipolar now? Me.

"The man everyone thinks is my dad - the man my mom is married to - isn't my biological father. He is Charlie's uncle and when he married my mom he adopted me."

I had no idea. I think that is sweet, I've always wanted tons of kids, adopted and my own.

"I don't know how to say it so I'll just say it. My grandfather abused my mom for years, got to her pregnant and she had me. My grandfather is my father and my mom is technically my sister."

Okay... That is not what I was expecting.

"I don't know how she found out, but he was arrested and sent to jail. We moved in with my dad - new dad - who mom had been dating behind his back."

We were all silent for what seemed like forever when a thought came to my mind.

"Her grandfather is a judge," I said as if thinking out loud. "He's retire now, but he speaks a lot about old cases. He has dementia. So it's not really his fault."

No longer crying I looked up to see both guys watching me.


"What does this mean for us?" Joey asked nervously.

"I'd understand if you didn't want to see me anymore."

I pull back and slap him full force. It must have hurt him because it hurt my hand.

"That's for cheating on me."

Then I turned to Charlie I reached to give him the same. "And that's for being a dick."

Returning my gaze to Joey, I don't give him a chance to react before I am kissing him, pushing back on the bed, but then stopped and pinned his hands above his head.

He seemed surprised. "Does this mean what I think it means?"

"It means if you keep anything from me or even look at another girl again, I'll make you pay."

He looks at me unsurely. "And what about my dad, I mean my biological?"

"What about it? It's not as though any of it is your fault. You are still you." The words were barely out my mouth when he began squeezing me tighter in his arms.

"You are the best girlfriend. I love you so much, baby."

I could tell he really meant it. His eyes were filled with love as he looked at me. But still, I couldn't help but ask why he is with me?

"But why? You can do so much better than me."

Joey opened his mouth to speak but Charlie spoke first. "Are you kidding me?" I was taken back by his stunned raised voice.

Why does he sound so annoyed?

"Don't give me that look." He must have read my expression.

"Charlie, I told you she didn't," Joey said almost cryptically in a warning tone.

Charlie looked to his cousin then me. "So are you going to tell me why you said no in 8th grade?"

I looked at him confused.

"No to what? Today is the first time you have spoken to me," I was a little annoyed at being accused of something I didn't do.

"I sent you a note asking you to the winter formal."

"A note?"

"I was thirteen and nervous," He explained. "I told you I liked you and asked you to go with me as my girlfriend. I got your letter delivered to my mom's store the next day. All it said was 'No way.'"

I furrowed my brows. "You must have given it to the wrong person because I never got it."

"You must have! I climbed in that window..." He pointed to my window. "And placed it on your bed so it wouldn't be misplaced."

"I have had a crush on you and Joey since we started school together. Why would I say no?!" I said baffled. "Not too mention, who is your mom and what shop?"

He moved closer and looked in my eyes confused. "You mean you really don't know?"

I shook my head and Joey spoke, now sat with me between his legs and hugging my waist. "I told you, it must have been Lisa! That girl was always here, right?" I nod again.

"She went with that exchange student at the time. I stayed to home because no one asked or so I thought."

"Told you that you should have asked her in person," Joey told his cousin and Charlie nodded in reply.

We all stayed silent for a while before I finally spoke. "You were friends but you are enemies at school?"

Both guys shared a look and Charlie looked embarrassed, while Joey looked amused.

"That's -"

"No!" Charlie said cutting his cousin off.

"You want it to be like we said?" Joey asked him cryptically.

His eyes widened. "For real?" His eyes sparkled with excitement. I looked back at Joey and he still looked amused.

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