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Man Eater

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Aurora hunts men like preys. Never letting one get too near from her heart. But one night changed everything. She meets a man who she didn’t expect would fancy her. Is she willing to open up to him and only him?

Romance / Drama
Alea Mendez
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Make Them Go Crazy

I’m about to redo my lipstick when all of a sudden Malcolm storms in the restroom. I gasp, leaving an accidental lipstick stain on my jaw. I stare at him through the mirror as he closes the door shut, leaning against it, then locking it. It’s just me and him now. I can’t escape.

“I saw you dancing with Joel,” he says in an angry tone.

“Yeah? I saw you dancing with Venessa, stop being a jealous idiot” I say shooting back

I turn around to face him. He immediately walks towards me, grabbing my waist.

"You're mine" His voice deepens.

"No, I'm mine. I don't care how loud I screamed 'I'm yours' last week, I'm not yours anymore. Why don't you leave me alone while I clean my face? Joel made a mess on me." I lie smirking, testing his patience.

His face becomes furious.

"He barely did anything" he grabs my neck but I shoot back and grab his neck.

His eyes don't leave mine, I want to play with his little heart. It seems like he read my mind because he leaned in for a kiss. Just when he's about to meet my lips I flinch back slowly. I love making him crazy.

He grabbed my face and tried again this time, harder. I dodge him again but he's not having it. He carries me onto the sink and pulls my hair back hard, making my neck a place for him to play with. I let him dive right in. I grab his face and pull him closer to my chest. A loud moan leaves my throat. I cup his face with my hands and I whisper: "kiss me." He can no longer wait.

He goes in for a kiss fast and strong so I wouldn't be able to move away. Then He starts biting my ear as I grab his butt. Moments later He pulls me out of the sink and turns me over. I see both of our reflections in the mirror. It made it all more exciting. He cups my breasts but as soon as he reaches my thighs, I stop him.

"No. Remember I'm not yours anymore. You can have my kisses. I give them for free. But not my insides. You're gonna have to earn it." I say overly confident.

I can tell he is losing his mind, almost ready to argue. That's when an employee walks into the restroom. We freeze when she asks Malcolm:

"What are you doing here young man?" Yup she’s probably in her 40’s.

"Sorry Ma'am, I'm helping my friend take off her lipstick stain. Her friends ditched her." He says trying to be respectful.

You know...he's not lying. Randy and Clair dipped. I think they're fucking or something. And the lipstick stain...he caused it and almost removed it with his tongue. He's so hot.

I use the lady as my escape ticket. I know Malcolm wasn't gonna let me go so easily. I leave him in the bathroom with the lady. I go into the crowd, I look back, Malcolm is coming out of the bathroom. He doesn't notice me and I love it. I want him to find me.

I walk over to the bar when in the corner of my eye I see Joel talking to a group of women. I don't look at him once but I hear his voice go out as I sit down on a stool. What's wrong? Stepping in his presence makes him silent? Pathetic.

"What would you like?" The hot bartender says calmly.

Man..who the hell hired this man as bartender. He looks like he could own millions. I can tell he works out by his large arms. He's my type and if he's a fool, even better. I want to fool him and I know exactly how to do it.

"Not trying to get in your pants or anything, but I like your voice" I say innocently.

"Really?" The bartender chuckles in a flirty way.

"I mean it" I look into his eyes with half a smile. I looked down at my hands which were placed on the table.

"What's wrong?" He says concernedly.

"You see that guy" My head turns towards Joel who looks up at me. I turn around and roll my eyes like I'm annoyed.

"Yeah I see him, I can tell it's him because he's mugging me right now." He says calmly smiling at me, almost making me forget why I was even mentioning Joel. Oh, right I remember now.

"He's my ex. I just wish I could make him jealous." I say looking at him with my puppy eyes.

He looks at me and turns his head, his face says it all: "not with me."

"Not with you, I don't know even you," I say while rolling my eyes.

He rests his face and stands up straight, I can tell he feel a little guilty for assuming

"I just want him to miss me." I saw sadly like I don't ever make men crazy with only my presence.

"Hmm..umm.. don't freak out but there is a pole right behind him. The ladies who dance usually come but tonight couldn't show up. Maybe I can talk to my manager, get you dressed up, and let you dance. Trust me, he's gonna wish he was pounding you tonight."

When he says that I get butterflies on my stomach. I look up at his black dark eyes then look up his hair, brown wavy hair. He doesn't have black hair like Joel and Malcolm do. He's a whole different package, yum. But the way the bartender came up with that so quickly makes me think he wanted someone to dance tonight. I think he likes the show too. Dammit, his voice really is sexy. I'm not gonna lie.

Before I follow the bartender to the back, I see Malcolm in the corner of my eye deeply searching for someone through the crowd. I look towards Joel's direction but he's already staring at me and gripping his cup of alcohol. A woman starts whispering in his ear. Joel smiles at me thinking I'd frown but I instead smiled with him. The bartender tells me to come to the back to change and I follow him. I hope Joel saw that. This is gonna be an interesting night.

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