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Feeding Daddy

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Going off to college, Cindy decided to start selling her breast milk online after a medication had a unexpected side effect. It didn't take long to find a man who wanted to buy all she could make. After sometime they meet in person and he invites her to live with him. His only request, he wants to drink directly from the breast. It doesn't take long for feelings to develop. Everything is great and they are planning a life together until the unexpected happens.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter One

It all started by accident. I started taking some medication, only it had an unforeseen side effect.

I began lactating. Embarrassing at first. Mainly because the patches on my shirts. But soon I started to express and then pump to get rid of it, then donating it to the local hospital. They were glad for the help.

I enjoyed lactating. Looking up nursing online I discovered adult nursing fetish groups.

Joining a couple, I took a chance and offered to sell bags of milk. An unemployed college student living alone, the cash would help a lot.

Within minutes one guy brought all my bags I had stored,

His profile was set to private, so I couldn't see anything. But he did get a local courier to pick it up.

I started my stock again, not really expecting to hear from him again.

I am about to start a much needed pump when a knock sounds at the door. Not expecting anyone. I go to the door expecting people spreading the word of God, they visit at least once a week trying to convert me.

Opening the door my eyes widened. It isn't the religious folk.

It is the devil. Entrepreneur, the city's most eligible bachelor and the mayor's son, Jared Gately.

Sexy as sin, with jet black hair neatly slicked back and bright baby blue eyes, towering over me, staring down at me.

"Yes? Hmmm... Can I help you?" I ask dumbly, unsure what to say to the wet dream stood in front of me.

"Cindy Smith?" He says my name. I feel like I'll melt.


"Can I come in? I have something to talk to you about."

"Yes," I say a little too fast and step a side.

Leading him into the kitchen offer him a drink.

"Actually, that is why I am here."

I look at him confused now.

"I recently purchased some very special items from you."

It takes me a moment. "I've only sold..." My eyes widen. No way! Everyone's wet dream, Jared Gately has my milk!

"Do you want your money back?" I ask worried. Truth is I don't have it. I used it to pay bills.

"No. I am here for more."


"Yes, it's gone. I need more."

"But you only received it a couple of days ago. It should have lasted at least the week," I say in shock.

"You are single, no children, correct?"

"Yes, but why do you wish to know?" I ask confused.

"I'm curious how you started lactating."

I tell him the quick version.

"I want to make you an offer." He is sat beside me. So close I can smell his expensive cologne.

"Move in with me. You can continue college and I'll take care of all your needs. Financial and otherwise."


"You will nurse me."

My mouth falls open and he looks down at my breasts.

"You're leaking. Let me..." Before I know what is happening, he has my breasts out and is suckling on my nipple.

"Oh my..." A moan escapes my mouth. Using one hand to massage my breast, he moves the second into my pants.

"Jared..." I moan his name as he slips a finger between damp lips.

He doesn't stop stroking me to orgasm or suckling until he has emptied both breasts.

Pulling his fingers out, he licks them clean. "I wonder if all of you tastes good." A second later his mouth is on mine.

His tongue invades my mouth, tasting me. I can't believe how forward he is.

"You taste like honey, princess."

Fuck, he is turning me on.

"Move in with me?"

"I..." I am so tempted to say yes. "But we know nothing about one another." Well, I know stuff but only what the media say.

"I know about you and what we don't we'll learn."

"But-" He presses hid finger to my lips, silencing me.

"Give me a week trial. If you wish to return home afterwards, you can."

I can't believe it but I agree.

"We will have to make a schedule," He tells me as I pack a bag for the week.

"Can I ask a question, Mr Gately?"

"Call me Jared or daddy when we're alone."

I feel my cheeks heat up. "Daddy..." I blush. "Do you do this often? I mean, invite women to nurse and live with you."

He smiles. We are in his car now and his driver is driving, but the privacy screen is up. "I was a sickly child. After some research my parents discovered breast milk has healing properties. They would buy bags for me. But even when I was well I found myself wanting it." He looks at me amused.

"I guess you could say I was an addict. I've been drinking human milk for years and a couple of times from the breast. But no, I've never had someone live with me," He admits.

"But then I brought your milk. It was so good I had drank it within the first day. It is a bonus that you are beautiful and very sweet. I'm not going to lie, I will have sex with you. But I won't force you."

"You want have sex with me?" I say dumbly.

"Yes. I am extremely attracted to you."

A short drive later and we pull up in front of a beautiful modern mansion.

"Isn't this your parents house?" I had seen it in a magazine article.

"No, but they live next door. We are a very close family."

Walking me into the house, he showed me around the house before showing me my room.

"You'll have your own room. But don't be expecting to sleep in here much." He leads me into the room across the hall.

"This is my room. You'll be sleeping in here. That way I can suckle your breasts as you sleep."

Wow, he's obsessed.

"What if I get a boyfriend?"

His expression darkens. "You won't date. While you are in this house you are mine and mine alone."

He doesn't go into it properly. Instead he begins to strip me and then himself.

"You're not a virgin, are you?" He strokes his huge veiny cock as he stares at me like a starving animal.

"I had sex once, a drunken mistake when I was sixteen."

"That's a shame," He says moving closer and kissing my jaw up to my mouth before carrying me to the bed.

"You want me too, don't you, Princess?" He strokes his finger up my slit as he kisses down my body to my breasts.

"Yes, yes, I want it, Jared."

He pinches my clit making my squeal.

"No, try again."

I think for a moment what I said. "Daddy?" He smirks and latches on my nipple. "I want you, please."

Aiming between my legs, he slowly enters me.

I winces and he stops. "Do you want me to stop, princess?"

I shake my head. "No, you're just much bigger than my first." He slowly pulls his cock out and smiles.

"I see. He was so small he didn't even break your sweet pussy in properly." He shows me the little blood on his shaft.

"This is perfect." Slowly he rocks inside of me, drinking from me the whole time.

It drives me wild. Expressing has always made me horny. But having a sexy man suckling me and fucking my pussy, I scream in orgasm twice before he cums.


We quickly set the routine. Since he did most his business from home and has managers running his companies, we aren't under many restrictions.

He drives and picks me up from college, then drives us to a deserted road where he takes me there and then.

We spend almost all our time together, minus the little time I spend at college. Even when he works I am with him doing my college work.

My clothes and personal items live in my bedroom, I don't. I sleep with him every night.

The trial week has long since passed and I gave up my apartment the first week.

In my mind he is my boyfriend. We are always kissing, hugging and having sex.

He is insatiable. Not to mention how caring he is with me.

He is always telling me how much he loves my body and attitude, everything about me. How I am special to him and I believe him.

"Sorry, princess, I have an important late business meeting," He tells me pulling on his smart but causal outfit.

"Don't worry, Princess. I'll only be a couple of hours. Back in time to see to my girl." I smile giddy at the comment.

He kisses me and a minute later he is gone.


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