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Maxine Rich was adopted by one of the wealthiest and most respectable families known all over the world when she was just a teenager and she has spent all her life being worthy of them. At a young age of 24, Maxine handles most of her parents' overseas business while living under the supervision of her strict but loving grandparents in London. It was a fateful evening when Maxine met a strange girl who stole her heart with her stunning eyes and even after telling herself to stay away from love many times over the years, Maxine found herself falling hard for the girl she knew nothing about. It was all roses and sunshine until everything changed and Maxine learned the hard way that she had always been right to stay away from love. Let's follow Maxine's journey of finding, defining, and understanding what love truly means and if it's all worth it in the end or not.

Romance / Drama
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A few months ago...

It was a dark, cold, and freezing night and the loud roars of thunders outside were almost deafening. But it wasn't the cold or the thunder that had Alexai Rich wide awake in the middle of the night with a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach while her beloved wife, Hope, slept peacefully in her arms, it was something else.

For the hundredth time that night, Lexi checked her phone only to see nothing new and she sighed softly when she noticed that it was way past midnight but she was too far anxious to fall asleep. Hope moved in her arms and nestled her face in the crook of her neck but unlike any other nights, where Lexi would be able to fall asleep just by the sound of her calm breaths within no time, she was anything but calm.

The sudden sound of her cell phone ringing almost made Lexi's heart stop and without knowing why her hands trembled like a leaf when she moved to pick the vibrating device from her nightstand. As soon as she saw the number flashing on her screen, Lexi's whole body froze unknowingly. The few seconds that she took to attend the call seemed like years because she was scared shitless as her sister Max's name was flashing on the screen. It was like an otherworldly force had moved her hands as she answered the call before placing the device against her ear and she felt like her heart would beat right out of her chest any moment now.

"M-Max?" Lexi spoke in a shaky voice and she had to use both her hands to steady her hold on her phone and unsurprisingly her wife had stirred awake only to find her sacred out of her mind which caused all the sleep to leave her body.

"Hello, I'm officer Thomas. I'm calling from the Fair Ford hospital. Your sister Maxine has been brought there after being involved in an accident while she was drunk driving and I suggest that you come here as soon as you can." A male voice said from the other side of the phone and Lexi's phone fell down from her hands in shock. Hope quickly picked up her phone and when the officer repeated his words she was baffled too but she knew she had to be strong.

"I understand from your number that you are not in London and from the identification we recovered from the site, I knew who she is so we are trying to keep it under covers as much as we can. I would recommend you to come here as fast as you can because once the press knows about her, it will be a mess." The officer said in a sympathetic voice before disconnecting the call and Hope quickly got up from their bed and started getting ready to leave.

It took them an hour to leave the mansion, get their plane ready for the flight, and reach the airstrip where everything was ready. Lexi decided to leave without telling anyone except Emma and Hanna about what was really going on and even when they tried to come along, Hope had told them to stay behind to take care of things. The flight seemed longer because of the situation they were in and Hope watched with an aching heart as Lexi sat there without saying a word. A limo was already waiting for them when they reached the airport and Lexi wasted no time in leaving for the hospital while Hope stayed close to her wife.

The huge crowd of crazy paparazzi outside the hospital wasn't a surprise and both of them held their heads high as they walked inside the hospital where officer Thomas was already waiting for them with his partner but all Lexi wanted was to see her sister. The Doctor handling Max's case told them that her injuries weren't serious but she did have a concussion, a broken arm, and two broken ribs that would take time to heal other than that, she would live. Lexi had sighed in relief for the first time since the call and Hope hugged her wife lovingly as she took deep breaths.

The nurses then took them to the room Max was being kept in under observation but Lexi's feet stopped in fear when she reached the closed door and she gritted her teeth in anguish which her wife noticed as she moved closer to kiss it gently. Hope waited patiently for Lexi and when she sighed before nodding, she opened the door only to find Max's bruised body laying unmoving on the bed. Hope watched as tears finally fell down Lexi's face as she watched her sister laying there covered in white bandages and scratches. Lexi's hands shook when she carefully took Max's unresponsive hand in hers before pressing gentle pecks on her bruised knuckles.

"This isn't like her Hope. Max would never drink and drive like this. You know how much she condemns it right? Hell, she didn't talk to me for a whole fucking week when I had had only a bottle of beer before driving home one night. How did this happen? What was she thinking? I-I... I wasn't there to project her Hope. I wasn't there to save my sister." Lexi said in a painfilled voice as she roamed her eyes over Max's features and Hope shook her head before moving closer to cradle her head against her front gently.

"It wasn't your fault Lexi. You couldn't have known... but you're right, it isn't like our Max to do something like this. It doesn't feel right." Hope said softly as she ran her fingers through Lexi's hair lovingly while she cried silently without removing her eyes from her sister.

They talked to the cops to ask for full details of the accident and all it did was confuse them even more but they both decided to wait until Max woke for further details. Hope was the one who answered all calls from their family and told them they had run away for an impromptu vacation which they all accepted without a question and she prayed that Han and Em can keep them away from the news longer. Hope forced Lexi to lie down on the couch to get some rest and she agreed begrudgingly. She finally fell asleep after a long time with her head on Hope's lap while she ran her fingers through her hair to calm her and it didn't take long before she fell asleep too.

"L-Lex?" Max called out as she started to wake for the first time in hours and Lexi was at her side within a blink. When Max started coughing Hope handed Lexi a glass of water and she carefully helped her drink it.

"You scared the living shit out of me Max and you better have a damn good reason to make--" Lexi started to say in a hard voice but she immediately stopped when Max started crying and she looked at her wife in panic who was also watching her in shock.

"Take me home Lex. Please take me home. Take me away from here. I beg you." Max sobbed with her eyes closed as she held on to her sister's hand for dear life and Lexi's heart broke at the sight of her strong sister like that.

"Hey hey hey, calm down. I've got you, Max. I'm here now angel. I won't let anything happen okay? You wanna go home so I'll take you home. Just don't cry okay." Lexi said as she gently pulled her sister in her arms before nodding at Hope who quickly left the room in search of the doctor.

"It h-hurts Lex. It hurts so bad. Make it stop. Please. Just make it stop." Max cried like a child and even though Lexi knew it was just the drugs messing with her head, her heart ached at her sister's words.

"S-She hurt me, Lex. So bad. I-I thought she was different. I believed in her. I fucking loved her but she b-broke me. She ruined me, Lex. I-I don't wanna stay here anymore. Please take me home. Please. I just wanna go home." Max sobbed in a childlike voice as she clung to her sister who had frozen at her words and she leaned back to lie down before falling asleep again.

Lexi and Hope watched as the doctor examined Max and after trying to convince him to let them take her back home for two hours straight, he finally gave in but only after assigning a medical team to monitor her condition during their flight. Lexi didn't leave her sister's side even once and when they reached home she was shocked to see her family already expecting them. Hanna had given her an apologizing look for not being able to hide the truth from them but Lexi's only focus was her sister who wasn't acting like herself at all and when everyone, including her wife, finally retired for their rooms at night, she spoke.

"Stop looking at me like that Lex. It's annoying." Max said in a rude tone that shocked Lexi because she had never spoken to her that way before and when she saw the hurt look on her face she sighed softly before speaking again.

"I'm sorry. I'm not in a good place right now and I'd appreciate it if you just leave." Max said without looking at her and when Lexi stood up, she closed her eyes but then she was shocked to feel her sister's familiar arms wrap around her like protective armor.

"I am not angry with you Max. You're my sister. My angel. You're my best friend man and I can see that you're hurt but you don't have to push me away. I am not going to force you to talk even though I'm itching to kill whoever made the mistake of hurting my angel. Just know that I'm here for you whenever you're ready to talk okay?" Lexi said in a gentle voice as she held her sister and when she moved back to look at her, she found tears falling down her beautiful green eyes that held so much pain that she winced softly.

"I saw you when you were in pain. I saw what it did to you, what love did to you, and yet I let myself fall Lex. Now it feels like there's this huge gaping hole in my chest and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I feel like it would swallow me whole and I feel so fucking tired. It hurts Lex. Why the fuck does it hurt so bad? Was it like this for you too? How the fuck did you live with this pain man? I can't even breathe without hurting. I didn't ask for this shit. I never wanted this pain. I want to make it stop but it just won't go away. She won't go away, Lex. How do I make it stop? How did you make it stop? What do I do Lex? What do I do?" Max sobbed helplessly as she fell limp in her sister's arms whose heart ached at the pain her sister was going through as she herself knows how it feels.

"I can't tell you how to make it stop Max because even I didn't figure it out but I can tell you one thing for sure, it gets better with time. I know how it feels right now, I know it seems like everything is finished and there's nothing left for you but trust me, it gets easier with time. It's just that... When you love someone so much, letting go hurts like a bitch but time helps. It gets better. I promise." Lexi spoke in a gentle voice as she rocked her sister back and forth like a lost child who held on to her for dear life as she sobbed and it went on for hours before she had calmed down a bit.

"What happened Max? Who was it? We met just a month ago and you were fine. Hell a week ago you were excited for me to meet someone and I thought... Who is this girl?" Lexi asked her then, her voice was soft yet her eyes were hard as she wanted to hurt the one who had hurt her sister and Max trembled in her arms as only one word left her mouth but by the way, she spoke her name, Lexi knew how much it meant to her little sister.


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