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Marriage by Law

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Hii...hey here I am in my bed. Hello I am Jasmine Braxton... The Jasmine Braxton. I am in my bed I didnt even bother to get up from there from last seven days. I have flu. My head is paining, my face is pale, I have cold. See I said maybe it's flu. The person I love is getting married in tomorrow ...You wanna know how I ended up like this you wanna hear my sob story...fine let's go....I mean let me tell you, no need to go anywhere.....just a sec Hey I am Oliver Wyatt. Congratulations to me I am getting married tomorrow but I am not in love with the girl I am getting married. She is somewhere out. I know it's hella confusing but what I can I do, I fell for the most complicated girl in the world

Romance / Drama
Diksha More
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The Rockstar, Jasmine Braxton


‘Yes, yes, yes! I got it, I did it!,’ I run inside my house screaming at the top of my voice. Dad comes out from the kitchen with horror expression on his face. As soon as I see him I threw my self in his arm.

‘I love you soo much Dad. I did it, I got the job as music composer and music director in Pulse music company,’ I yell with tears in my eyes. My dad breaks the hug.

‘Oh, my God, I knew it you will do it baby, congratulations my darling I am soo soo proud of you, I love you so much,' he said.

‘I just can't believe, my struggle my hard work just worked,' I smiled.

I was more than happy. My dream came true. I did my Bachelor's in music degree and Masters in music in at Royal Academy of Music in London. I studied and work my ass off in London. I did many shows in London, I had my own band. I was famous in New work as well as in London and many music companies in London offered me job, I turned them down because I wanted to came back in New york, to work in Pulse. I took Trinity music exam and I topped it. It was extremely difficult for me to achieve this as my Dad was the only one to support me, and my Mom, oh here she is.

‘I would have been happy if you would have came with medical degree instead,’ she said.

Oh of course. I was expecting this from her anyway.

‘Not today Ash, today is one of the biggest day of her life, if you can't be happy for her, then there is no need to be sad either,’ my dad warned my mom.

‘Oh, of course I will get coffee for you two,’ she said as she disappeared in the kitchen.

‘You know her, she will be alright, I am really happy for you my daughter,’ my dad said cheerfully.

‘Its ok dad, I was expecting this, so...um...its fine,’ I said with sad smile.

‘Lets, have our coffee darling,’ we both sat in living room waiting for coffee.

Now you all know I was my daddy's girl. I was the only daughter in our family, my dad owns one of the best and most successful fashion magazine company and my mom was one of the best surgeon in New york. I was an amazing student in studies with sharp mind. I was an topper. My dad wanted me to take over the company after him and my mum wanted me to study science. I studied only for them, because they were happy with my top class grades, they was happy with my reputation in my class, I studied my ass off in middle school to achieve 1st rank all over school. And I did. But I was never interested in studies, I studied for them. I was always more fascinated towards music, sports and paintings. I had that inborn talent. I explained my dad that I wanted to pursue my career in music, he understood me. He send me in London to achieve my degrees. Of course my mom was pissed as hell, she still is. That's not my problem she didn't understood the music. I loved it. Music is arts, home, life and soul. I live in music.

My mom came with two mugs of coffee and some snacks. And without even looking at me she again disappeared in kitchen. I relaxed a little. Then I just chilled and relax with my dad then I ran in my room, I changed in shorts and sando and collapsed on bed. And I call my best friend Anna. Beside dad, she was the one who supported me at every step in my life. She picked up at second ring

‘Guess what I am back in New york and I got the job!,’ I exclaimed.

‘Oh my God, Congratulations Jassie, well I knew you are back in New york,’ she said cheerfully.

‘How?’ I frowned.

‘You are all over news and newspaper baby that The famous YouTuber and New York's youngest Rock star is back in homeland, your fans are dying to see you,’ she said excitedly.

‘I didn't knew they would really telecast my every move,’ I said in surprised.

‘There is also a news that you turned many job offers in London,’ she said, I could hear the dissappointment in her voice.

‘Yes...I did, you knew right I always wanted to work in Pulse?’ I had shared everything with her.

‘Yeah Jassie, I know.... Well it's the time for celebration, what's say?’, she said, Anna is always up for party.

‘Hell yes, I see you at Shine bar at eight?,’ I said.

‘Definitely fine girl, see ya,’ she said as she hung up.

I toss my phone aside. It was already seven, so I took a bath, curled my hairs, well long hairs and put on my makeup. I pulled on a dark blue jeans and white tank top. I looked at myself in the mirror. My green eyes was just perfectly matched with black smoky eye shadow. My pink lipstick was just a miracle to my look. My makeup was absolutely flawless. My kept my brown long hairs open. It was already eight. I am late. I grabbed my clutch and checked for credit cards and cash. I shoved my phone inside my pocket and took one last glimpse of mine in mirror.

Just perfect.

I hurried downstairs, as I passed kitchen I found my mom and dad making out on kitchen counter.

‘You two get the room!’ I said with irritation. They broke their kiss and dad chuckle and mom rolled her eyes.

‘Ok, sweetheart where are you going?’ my dad asked.

‘I am heading to Shine with Anna,’ I said.

‘Mercedes will be waiting out there, need a driver to drive you there?’ asked my dad.

‘No, dad I am taking my bike, bye you two, I will be back soon,’ I just stormed out of the door before my mom could say anything.

I ride my bike to the Shine. Cold wind touches my face.. I felt so....Me.There was line for entry in the Bar. I spot Anna was already waiting there. I park my bike aside and approached her. She saw me and smiled, spreading her arms.

‘Its about time,’ she said, smiling. I jumped in her arms, and hugged her tight. She seems so familiar. I pull away from the hug and look at her up and down. She was looking absolutely stunning. She stood 5'5. Her red short dress was running till her mid thigh. Tanned skin, black eyes, short blonde hairs and red lips. She was looking soo.......Anna.

‘My Anna darling, you are looking beautiful,’ I said.

‘Stop buttering my butt, you are late Jassie,’ she said with fake anger.

‘Sorry, but it's fine we don't have to wait in that line,’ I said. And without giving her chance to say something I grabbed her wrist and dragged her towards the entrance. The two body guards at the entrance gate looked at me and smiled.

‘Welcome back to New york Mam,’ the first body guard said.

‘Thank-you Bill,’ I smiled.

‘Have a good time Mam,’ said the another as they both step aside to let me and my friend to enter inside. How did I enter?

Of course because my dad owns this club.

‘Well why are you dressed soo casually?’ Anna asked me.

‘I brought my bike, so to rode a bike I needed jeans right?’ I said.

‘Yeah.....ok now tell me how was London and I wanted to know everything,’ she was excited.

‘Ok...let's order first,’ I approached the bartender. He smiled and greeted me. I ordered one shot of vodka for both of us. We sat at on the stool. I told her everything about London and then I knew what was her next question.

‘Jassie are you still-,’ she started but I cut her off.

I knew what was coming...wanna guess? OK forget it I will tell u.

‘Hell yes I am still virgin,’ I said proudly. Yes I am 20 yrs old and I am a virgin. It is a big thing for others, because usually in New york most of the people lose their virginity at 15 or 16. Anna lost her virginity to guy from our middle school, when she was 17. They dated for a month or two then she found out that he was fucking some other girl. Let me tell you guys later I beat the shot out of me.

‘Are guys in London are fucking blind?’ she said in shocked.

‘Oh Ann, trust me they tried, but you know I am a not a easy girl to pursue,’ I said with a wink.

‘Oh yeah.... I am glad you are conserving yourself for some one special,’ she said with genuine smile.

‘Yeah,’ I said. I genuinely didn't have time for relationship or dating shit. In middle school, I dated a guy named Ricky and we kissed, nothing more than that. I kept myself busy in studies, so we broke up. After that I didn't get into any relationship. In London, I was devoted to music and me and my band was extremely famous in London soo I kept myself involved in these things. I went out on few dates but nothing serious. And of course I want to lose my virginity to someone special.

Anna and I chat a lot. She filled in me with what happened when I wasn't here. Then we just nailed the dance floor. Anna told me about her current boyfriend, Luke. After one year she will complete her Movie Director course. We almost choose the same field as career. She said Luke is a struggling actor and they are in serious relationship. I am glad for her.

At 12 am we left the club. I drove home. I use the keys to enter in the house and then I took stairs to my bedroom. I knew my parents would be asleep. I changed into pyjamas and slept thinking about my job.

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