Heart: An incomplete but successful love story

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There was a vase in my house and I put some flowers in it. Vase was beautiful, flowers were beautiful. But still they didn't fit each other. They didn't look good with each other. Just like these vase and flower we have a love story of Zoya and Aditya. Both were perfect in their own way but just not together. You know like the tracks of the train, they run together all way long but doesn't meet at any point. Aditya and Zoya were childhood friends . They loved each other from very the beginning. Their love for each other is unconditional. But both fails to confess. Circumstances makes them apart. But somehow they finds each other again but once again gets apart. And there comes a time when Zoya sacrifices her Life for Aditya and leaves him all alone Read the whole Story to know reason behind This incomplete love story and Why did Zoya died? Also checkout my another story Marriage by law

Romance / Drama
Diksha More
Age Rating:

Chapter: 1


Aditya hooda (Adi)

An extremely charming guy of Xavier's.He is passionate and cheerful also childish.Wanted to be a pilot.Determine to his work,he is interested in music and loves to play guitar.He is also an captain of boys criket and football team. Girls drop their panties at the sight of him. He is in insanely love with zoya

Zoya sidddique

Zoya is an epitome of beauty and intelligence.Very very sensitive and loves to help others, may it be anyone.If any one has problem they asks Zoya to help them out.Has an high attitude for her enemies. She is crazy for sports and also a captain of girls volley ball team. She is an student of the year award recipient. Also she has received date offers from almost whole college from seniors from junior and also some of young sirs.

Priyanka sharma

Vir mehra

Vyom oberoi

Mishka nayak

Noor singhania

Arjun hooda

These are the characters of my story in which an ultimate bond of friendship and love will be shown

Lead hero:Adiya hooda

Lead heroine : Zoya siddhique

College friends









Noor:Guys all set...nah

Priyanka : Haa be ready wo arahi hogi..Waise Mishka kar payegi na convince Usse aane ke liye

Vir: Guys, guys off Karo lights arahi hai Zoya.

(Arjun offs the light.Zoya comes with

Mishka. And sees the light is off)

Zoya: Ye yaha itna andhera kyu hai..Aap jaanti hai na humein Nyctophobia hai.

(And everyone shouts)

Everyone: Happy birthday Zoya...(And Arjun ons the light. Zoya was terribly happy...seeing all the arrangements,cake ,flowers ,candles )

Zoya: He Allah...aap sabne he hamare liye kiya

Arjun: Nahi tumhari padosan ke liye

Noor: Chup raho....(hugs zoya) happy birthday zoyaaaa.....

Vir: Happy birthday baby( hugs her)

Arjun: (mumers in vir's ear)Bhai nahi hai tho fayda mat utha

Zoya: Kya hua Arjun.....Wapis light band karne ka plan hai kya

Arjun: Kuch nahi mein bol raha tha bas aaj tum bohot khoobsurat lag rahi ho

Mishka:Happy birthday zoya

Priyanka:Many many many many happy returns of the day...zoya...

Zoya: Aap sabka shukriya bohot bohot shukriya.(Looks here and there)Waise....Adi kahi dikhai nahi de rahe kaha hai wo..Birth day bhool Gaye kya hamara

(To herself she says)Kya Aditya aap kaha ho hamare sabse khaas dost,best Frnd hokar aap yaha nahi ho)

(And again lights gets off.When it gets on everyone was amazed to see that zoya was not there.)

Zoya:Chodiye humein... Kon hai aap...kaha le jaa rahe hai... Agar aditya ko pata chala na apne hamare saath aisa kiya tho wo apka kheema bana denge....chodiye...... humein

(The person who had captured Zoya was wearing black hoodie... And for the Zoya's surprise that person was. None other than Aditya Hooda)

Adi: Kaha tumne sahi agar mere siwa tumhein koi aur aise uthata tho mein uska kheema kya..misal bana deta

Zoya:Aditya aap.... Kya Adi aap bhi,aise kon karta hai....

Adi:Aisa Aditya hooda karta hai.

Zoya: Lekin aap Andar kyu nahi aye...upar se humein aise utha kar bahar leke agaye....Andar sabh pareshan honge hum aise kaha gayab hogaye..

Adi:Ohh madam.Shaant hojau...don't worry,Arjun aur Noor ko pata hai wo sambhal lenge.

Zoya: Acha janab Aditya Hooda,tho ye aap theeno ki mili bhagat thi.

Adi: Ab tumhe surprise Dena tha tho Karna pada ye...Happy birthday meri jaan...

Zoya: Shukriya

Adi: Chalo waha hai tumhara cake

(Aditya had made arrangements of flowers, candles ,lightings)

Zoya:Wow mera favorite flavour...Red velvet..lekin hum jaante hai ye aapko bilkool pasand nahi

Adi: Pasand tho nahi hai...but agar tumne apne haatho se khilaya tho no problem,khalunga.

(Zoya blows the candle and cuts the cake)

Adi: Happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you....happy birthday to my sweetheart happy birthday to you..

Zoya: Ye lijiye khayiye.....mere pyaare pyaare haathon se ,ye meetha meetha cake.

(Aditya and zoya eats cake and they sat on the dinning table.Dinning table was decorated with white rose flowers,candles)

Zoya: Waise thanku apne hamare liye itna kuch kiya.

(Stands up with serious look)

Adi: Utho chalo...jao ab yaha se (in serious tone)

Zoya: Aare apko kya hua...aisa kyu bol rahe hai aap.

(Sits on his knees)

Zoya: Aare ab kya hua? Ab niche kyu beth Gaye

(Adi Calmly holds her hand)

Adi: Zoya ,zoya......zoya sunno hum dost haina,wo bhi best Frnd ,tho thanks kon bolta hai..

Zoya: Ohh tho itni si baat thi aur hum soch rahe the...ki...


Zoya: Aare chodiye wo bas asehi, uthiye ab.

Adi: Nahi pehle tum batao.... Kahi tumhe ye tho nahi laga that I will pro....you?(teasing)

Zoya: (awkwardly)Aare nahi nahi... Aisa nahi hai kuch... Hum jaante tho hai ki hum dono best frnds hai, sirf best frnds.

Adi:(Gets up and turns around and sadly says ) Ha, sirf best frnds

Zoya:(to herself) Tho sach mein ye humse pyaar nahi karte...par Aditya hum apse bepannah mohobat karte hai..

Adi:( to himself) Tho nahi karti tum pyaar mujhse par Zoya ,Aditya hooda tumse beyhadh pyaar karta hai aur karta rahega

(Their love for each other day was unconditional just they can't confess because they was afraid that they will lose each others frndship.Aditya puts smile and turns around at zoya...and glance her with intense glare. ).


Stay connected with me to know what happens next.......

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