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Rutvika: A simple girl with a not so simple life.She has a bit of attitude but lots of love for her friends and family. She has faced several problems in her early years. But she has had great friends. But when she is left without any option, she had to leave her friends. Sargam: A humorous boy who has turned out to be cocky, arrogant and flirtatious after his best friend Rutvika left him without any notice. Till date he can't talk or face her. He's still angry as she wasn't there when he needed her the most. What will happen when both of them cross paths in their High school i.e. Junior College again???? A glance: I went near him and saw that he was scared and panicking. I went near him and found new courage to ask" What happened to you?" He replied while stuttering," I..... I have... claus.. claustrophobia." I don't know what came over me and I engulfed him in a hug. He hesitated for a moment then wrapped his arms around my waist placing his head in the crook of my neck.

Romance / Other
maanvi bhagat
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Introduction and Character descriptions

Hi everyone! This is my first book in the series High School Sweet Hearts

i.e. HSSH.

It's going to be a series but I'm still not sure about how many books. But I do hope you like this one.

Please this is my first romantic story and being a teenager I've decided not to have any mature scenes.

This book has no curse words.

So let me introduce you to the main characters first with their personality:


A simple girl who is shy and bold at the same time.People think that she is full of attitude but only the ones close to her are aware that it isn't true. She is very intelligent and aspires to be a journalist.Still she is studying science for her parents and has planned to change her line after high school.


A kind hearted, humorous boy who has turned out to be cocky and arrogant because of some situations. He flirts with girls but still has set a border line for himself. After his best friend left him, he hasn't allowed anyone to pass this line.


She is a shy girl. Many boys easily get attracted towards her. She is not interested in them except the one who doesn't follow her has her heart. She is Rutvika's best friend from her school who is aware of all her secrets.


She is a beautiful girl with a bold personality but not always up for the fight. She has been Rutvika's best friend since childhood. She has a silly crush on Vikram but refuses to accept it. She is beautiful in her own unique way. Often her friends call her as black beauty because her color is dark yet she appears beautiful.


He is a mature boy for his age with great interest in science. He aspires to be a future engineer. He has a lot of potential and is hard-working. But still he managed to fall in love with Radhika but feels that Radhika won't like him. He often has the habit of discouraging his ownself and is pessimistic in tough situations.


She is basically the queen bee in her school and has been treated as a princess since childhood. Pampering has spoiled her a lot. She has always been the jealous one and plans to seek revenge from Rutvika. She never wants anyone to be ahead of her.

Many characters will be added further according to the storyline.

I hope you like this book. It's one of my original ideas. And none of it relates to the reality.

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