Neighbor’s Husband

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27 year old Luna just moved in to her very first home with her fiancé Deacon. She catches the eye of her neighbor Jennifer’s husband Cristian. Will she catch feelings for the married man?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

I can’t believe I’m moving into my own home at the age of 27 with my fiancé Deacon. I’ve lived with my parents during high school and then I went off to college and had an apartment- with whom I shared with my best friend Haley. I meat Deacon in college actually at one of those parties and we’ve been together ever since. I’m counting down the days til I get married, Deacon is caring, funny guy I’ve meet. I only had one boyfriend in high school and he was older- I have this thing for older men.

My parents think we’re rushing into getting a house together before we are married but they’re old school.

“Mom what’s the big deal we are getting married in a year what’s the big deal”.

“Sweetheart, me and your father don’t want you rushing into this your 27.”

“Rushing into what? the house or marriage.”

My mom doesn’t say anything for a moment.


“It’s just well Haley’s married now and we thought maybe.”

“Mom I appreciate you and dads concern but I’m happy, we’re happy I love Deacon can’t you be happy for me.”

“Honey we both love you so much and just want the best for you that’s all.”

“I love you guys too and one more thing try to like Deacon.”

“I am nice”, at that I roll my eyes.

“Help me with this last box, Deacon is waiting for me at the house.”

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