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Rough Love.

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What if the Marriage takes toll? two person finding their way to love back one another, will the both of them fight, or let go will the vowed love forever, blossom it's way to forever again or, hence by will forever be stuck in forever with nothing.

Romance / Drama
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Rough Love.

Love, love that makes people do so much, crazy stuffs. to feel a whirlwind emotions that makes you, feel alive. makes you feel the happiest person, a different perspective views in life that can change. but, love can also make you feel lost, numb, where you can feel unrequited to that feeling, that some people, stop believing. the pain, that you can have if the person you love the most, is isn't yours anymore.

shutting your eyes tightly, as the heavy tears starts to brim. clutching tightly at your shirt where your heart is. the pain, the ache. it was all at once. where you held your love together. where you thought, the love you have was stronger than ever. you thought, where you lose for believing.

" I'm so sorry, please give me another chance. " he said, voice sounding panic. stabbing your heart multiple times.

words out of reach, biting your bottom lip, as your eyes lingered in the man, once you called love.

" Then why did you do it? " eyes boring into his, filled with pain, if the eyes can speak, it said out loud, it was visible that you were hurt, so much.

hands weak, as he wants to grasps his hands towards you, emotions bubbled at the guilt. " I don't know what happened, it's just one day, I woke up having this kind of shit feeling. " he said, eyes filled with sincerity. that it almost made you sob, the pain was getting more undescribable.

" If I was enough, you wouldn't go other way. " giving a small smile, that made you close your eyes for second, softly chuckling as you scan your surroundings, wind that gets to cold, hearts that gets to cold to bare.

" Mav, I'm sorry. " that came out so rush, that it almost made you wince. " I know, I did you wrong. It was fuck up mistake, I can't lose you, please. " begging that he's almost down in his knees.


" You know what you are doing, Jasper. " words heavy that came out, shaking your head as a force small smile that plastered in your face. " What did I do for you to hurt me this way?" so, desperate for an answer. voice shaking, surrounding getting more smaller.

" You didn't do anything, I was the one who did it, be mad at me, please don't leave me. " wanting to stand close to you, to hold you.

Marriage, that you thought would be forever. that, you will see each other gray and white, until both faces are wrinkled, but how funny fate is playing.

" I need you and our Children." as your husband, added. if it was just, that easy. you would, say yes, come back to me. but those words are too heavy to say to the man in front of you.

" If you need us, you would've stopped doing that. you would've stopped seeing different women, and act like nothing is happening. " having the courage to talk back, as your wipes the burden tears.

" I know, baby. and It's all clear to me now. I can't afford to lose you, and our sons. " voice coming out to thick, than to a murmur.

The trust that you had once had was broken, and the second was broken. would there be a change, even for the sake of your children?

" I want to forgive you because the fact that I vowed forever lingers to me, because I still love you so much. " starring straightly to your man. " but in the same time I feel so sorry for loving you, because the love that you wanted is not something I can give and you've proven me that. " words clear, as you see the sullen face creases to a broken one.

the pair of eyes that gives you love, is paired with guilt and longing. " Mav, please don't say that, Baby please no. " palms cupping your cheeks. " I love you, and I don't think I would love anyone else rather than you. "

lips trembling, as your place your hands ontop of his, squeezing it as you pull out of his grasp gently, eyes boring to his. " You said you wanted a second chance, but the chances I gave you to was more than thrice, and you succeeded to break them all. " stepping back as you clutch the purse you had in your hands, offering him a broken smile.

" I'll let you see the kids, I wouldn't take that away from you, and for the closure to the both of us. I'll let you be free, free to this marriage and sort what you want. " and for the peace that you always want, the ease of heart of not having any doubt, although the pain you doubt, will fade.

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