Prohibited to Fall Inlove

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Series 1 [Issarie Mara La Luna]

Romance / Drama
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Special Notice

Good Day Everyone! (≧∇≦)

Filipino Writer here! By the way before you enter the first chapter of this story, I would like to say this story is available in wattpad so if ever you see a story like this written by @Vielyxxwrites that is me Yes!

Also Disclaimer! This is a work fiction and all the event etc. Is all author's imagination! And no copyright intended because "PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME" and I am holy person. JK

If you want to know about me ✔

10 Facts about me (´・_・`)

- she

- anonymous

- Filipino

- aspiring author

- young

- main genre is mystery

- potato couch author

- have a habit of being seasons

- love blue

- multi fandom Stan

So that's all and I would like to warn that this story is written in "Taglish" and I am still young and learning so please if ever you are perfectionist, don't criticize me. JK!

But ya! That's all but If you want to access more of my story, visit my wattpad account @Vielyxxwrites hehehe! Enjoy Reading po!


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