Island Children

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4 young people stuck on an island. Will they survive? Will romance bloom?

Romance / Adventure
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1) The Fire

“Anna, wake up!” cried Annie “Anna!” she shook her. Anna mumbled something and slowly opened her eyes.

Annie shook her one more time and then yelled into her face “The ship’s ablaze, we’re on fire! We need to get as many things as possible and get out of here…..NOW!”

Anna was now fully awake “My medical equipment” she thought, jumping of the bed, pulling on some clothes and staggering to the cupboard. Shoving the doors open, she was relieved to see the medical suitcase ready.

“We can’t take that, it’s too large” bellowed Annie.

“Yes we can, plus you took all your books” reasoned Anna “We will need it.”

They ran out with their belongings into the corridor, smoke was everywhere. They kept on running through the smoke, choking, Anna could barely see a thing; the smoke surrounded her like vines from all sides. They blindly made their way through the long corridors of the ship, some corridors had masses of screaming students, and others were nearly empty. Anna was still quite dazed, as she ran, her mind raced through her memories. Memories one by one flooded her mind: her graduation at the university, then a letter of invitation to a cruise around the Pacific Ocean for her outstanding education. “A great trip!” she laughed sarcastically to herself.

Panting they ran on until they reached the deck where Jacob and Charlie were already lowering a life boat full of suitcases and equipment fastened to another passenger boat. “With that medical suitcase you could probably operate on us all” laughed Jacob as he heaved the suitcase into the boat.

“I might just do that one day… More practice!” smiled Anna.

“It’s not the best time for flirting guys!” yelled Charlie over the uproar of steam and fire. “Plus Jacob decided to bring all his woodcraft equipment” he laughed. “Me and Annie both brought books.”

“It may seem a bit odd to bring it, but it might turn out useful” reasoned Anna.

“Just a bit” smiled Annie, sarcastically.

“Less chit-chat more action… Nearly ready… Now ladies first” Jacob said tying the last knot on the rope ladder.

“How do you get down this thing?” asked Anna nervously, her heart pounded as she glanced over the rope ladder which seemed to never end.

“We don’t have that much time!” shouted Charlie.

“Ok, here goes” sighed Anna as she gingerly began to descend the rope ladder. It felt extremely unstable and every second Anna felt that she was going to slip and fall into the merciless waves below. Anna got down into the boat and was soon joined by Jacob.

“Where is Annie?” asked Anna, looking up at the ship that loomed over her, the flames rose even higher above it.

“Charlie is helping her get down cause she is too scared” answered Jacob. Sure enough, Charlie was on the ladder with Annie in one arm and descending with the other.

Once all were in the boat, Jacob and Charlie sat at the oars and began to row.

“You should be glad that we are both strong kayakers , cause I am not sure who is heavier the suitcases or you lot?!” laughed Jacob.

There was no response….. The girls were fast asleep on each other’s shoulders.

Right there in the Pacific Ocean four tiny boats were distancing themselves away from a hurdle of sinking fire into the darkness of the night.

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