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Forcefully Dragged Into His Orbit

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Nora Roberts, 21 year old architect. Loving and caring. So sensitive finds her self looking for a job in the streets of California. Xavier Anderson, 26 year old architect. Ruthless and heartless. Hard to let in, is the CEO of Xavy's Architecture. In his quest for an assistant, finds one Nora Roberts. Everyone including Nora, has heard of how ruthless Xavier is. Due to the necessary gaining of the job, brushed those thoughts away. What happens when these people from two different worlds collide. One from the East, the other from the West. One from the South, the other from the North. One heartless, one caring. One rich, one poor. A clear difference between the two. Only one similarity, they are orphans. I accidentally spilled the coffee on his desk. Oh God, I'm fired. "I-I-I'm sorry. It wa-wasn't intentional", I stuttered with my head bowed. Tears were already flowing down my cheeks. I was taken by surprise by his next move. He stood from his dark mahogany table and walked towards me. Our intimate closeness was awkward. "Don't worry, darling. There's nothing to worry about", Xavier said, his hot breath fanning my cheeks. I opened my mouth to speak but was cut off by his lips planting on mine. I don't know what was happening but I returned the kiss. I gave him no chance to deepen the kiss.

Romance / Erotica
Michelle Aryeh
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

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