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Freya Gardner is any average 17 year old. She's felt pain but never the love of a lover. Will this year be any different?

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1: A sucky start of the new school year🤮

I wanted to write and upload this on here first. I do have an account on Wattpad but it is going to be uploaded first on here. Quicker uploads on this site. No on with the story...

First day of school is always tough. I never know where to sit. Senior year is said to be the easiest of them all. I personally just want to get out of this hell hole. Some teachers are nice and others are rude. It's just how things work.
First classes are always the most boring. Biology isn't the exception. It's still the same old boring class that just makes you want to fall asleep. We didn't do much. Sign papers and get our laptops. Well... I already had mine.
"Hey Freya you gonna sit with us this year." I turned to Rose and nodded. She was my best friend but I didn't really like the crowd she hung around. She sighed and stated, "You don't speak enough to have a conversation. So did you get the new book that just came out."
She's referring to James Patterson. No I did not get it. Sadly. "No Rose I didn't get it. I honestly spent the summer dealing with my awful family." My mom isn't awful. But my siblings are. My sister hates me. My brother uses me for money. So awful family.
"Bummer. So I've been talking to this guy..." I didn't really pay attention to what she was saying. "Freya," she snapped her fingers in front of my face. "You are hopeless."
"I'm sorry but I spent all night trying to get my nephew to sleep. I can't really focus on much." The bell rang and we headed to breakfast. From my experience in moving all around, our school is the only one that takes time out of the day for breakfast.
She was talking on and on about this new guy in her life. I was honestly just too tired for all of it. My nephew has nightmares due to his parents. So I get stuck with having to deal with him every night.
"Freya you can't possibly stay single forever." I laughed and rolled my eyes. I love being single because that means I'm not being controlled. I can take naps without being told I'm useless because I can't answer a phone. It's bliss to be single. "You will fall in love eventually."
"Maybe but I'm going to fall in love with a guy who doesn't see me as an object or a punching bag. I will have a guy that respects me and treats me like a queen and he can deal with my insecurities and attitude. He will also have to deal with my clinginess." She looked at me shocked.
"Let's just settle for doesn't use you as a punching bag." I shook my head.
"I'm not going to settle for less. You know I'm extremely picky with everything. Even people." She just shook her head.
"I've given up on you at this point." I nodded in understanding. She doesn't understand why I have to be so specific. It's fine because I doubt I'd see her after high school. I gave her my food and scrolled on my phone.
I barely did anything for the whole day. I slept for most of it. When school ended it was raining. I had to walk half an hour in the rain. I plugged in my earbuds and played music.
Going up the hill on Main St. a car drove by and water splashed onto me. This is truly a sucky day. I stood there for a second and took out my earbuds and decided to call my cousin. "Hey Frey Frey what's up?"
"Awful. Can you pick me up?"
"Yeah, where are you?"
"I'm at the park. How soon?"
"About 5 minutes. Let's go to the coffee shop." We hung up and I sat down on a bench. The rain fell heavily. I was soaked. I saw her car so I walked over and got in. I was surprised to see my two other cousins in the back.
She pulled away and we went towards the coffee shop. "Jeez Frey you are soaked."
"No shit Sherlock." She gave me a dirty look after I said that. But she covered it up with a smile. I needed this. I loved them. They were family. The best part of my family.
We walked into the shop and immediately that coffee smell was breathed in deeply by all four of us. We placed our order and took a seat in a booth. I liked it because I was more hidden yet I could still see everything around me.
The waitress handed us our drinks and left. "So how was your first day of senior year," Diana asked. She was the mom of the group. Her curly black hair and blue eyes made her attractive to most guys. Though she never really dated much.
"Yeah besides getting soaked by the rain, how's it going?" That was Rachel. She had blonde hair and green eyes with freckles around her nose. Very popular at her school.
"It was a sucky start of the new school year." They laughed. They knew it was true though. "What about you guys?"
"Well Rachel and I went to the mall," Kylie stated. "We got some guys's numbers." Kylie was a redhead and loved to party.
"I was at Jason's gym. Took down lots of guys. Pretty proud of myself." I smiled. They didn't have school. So unfair. The door opened and in walked 2 boys I didn't recognize.
"I'm telling you Rhys, I beat the shit out of that guy." The younger one laughed.
"Dude, I could take you any day." I looked away from them and focused on the girls. Something about the younger one made me feel a pull towards him. His blonde curly hair and tall frame wasn't abnormal in a town like this. Just something about him drew me in. Let's just hope that we are kept a part so I can prove Rose wrong.
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