Crossing Lines {GxG}

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Peyton Roi is the girl who simply doesn't give a damn. The one who doesn't care what people think. With a bold personality and somewhat of a troublemaker, her life is fun and carefree. Just as she likes it. One fateful meeting at a painting workshop. Peyton and Demi's world got flipped upside down. Will there love conquer the drama?

Romance / Drama
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|| ONE ||

Peyton's POV

Working on a canvas feels like magic to me, but if it involves painting a naked woman, well that’s major bonus. The contours of her body, made me slightly drool. Her brown hair flowed down her back like a dark ocean surrounded by her sandy light skin. The woman had full rosy red lips that she puckered out lightly. She slightly arched her back making her ass and her voluptuous breasts more appealing. It was almost like she tried to tease me, I mixed colors trying to match this beautiful woman’s body. Finishing up, I signed my initials P.R with a heart on bottom with black paint.

My heart signature actually inspired to get the tattoo on my wrist. Small but still noticeable. I continued touching up the painting and just when it came out right, a voice interrupted my admiration for my painting.

“That’s it for today’s workshop, thank you for participating. I’m sure it was more exciting than painting fruit , right?” The workshop conductor asked everyone with a wink.

“Definitely.” I muttered while my eyes took in every inch of the model’s body.

“You can give in your canvas painting to us, or you can take it home for yourself. Just make sure when this program is over choose three painting or sculptures of any kind and bring them in. You may just get a buyer and get noticed in the art world.

I thought about giving it to the workshop, but then I had the better idea in mind. My aunt and uncle will question what I’ve been doing on my spare time and I can’t have that. I released my blonde hair from the rubber band that kept captivate then messed it up a little. I picked up all the supplies that I brought and put it in my messenger bag as well as leaving the work shop materials behind. I went in the bathroom and turned on the faucet to wash all the paint off my hands then hung up the apron behind the door.

My conductor stood by the exit taking the participants items with a smile that can brighten up any room. She might be a little bit old, but Quinn practically radiates of youth.

“Quinn can you give this to the model I painted?” I ask the conductor. “It’s on the house, she doesn’t have to pay for it.”

“Peyton this painting is outstanding are you sure you want to give this up? I’m sure you can make tons of money on this, the shape of her body is nothing like I’ve seen in the other paintings. “C’est tellement beau.”

“I’m positive Quinn. Just tell the stunning lady it’s my thanks for what I got to paint, I could never paint her beauty as perfect as the real thing.” I purred turning my head to where Model was. “Just keep my identity a secret.” I spoke quietly.

I didn’t want the woman to think I was a crazy lesbian, a lady like her probably has a husband living a happy life.

“Sure no problem, this is her last day working for the workshop on weekdays anyway. She just got a new job in town.”

“Oh that’s right, I won’t be here as often either. I have things to do as well.”

Things to do more like high school to attend. It’s my senior year, I will finally be free of everything. Moreover, this is an eighteen and over workshop and my birth certificate clearly indicates that I’m seventeen. Thanks to some connections, I was able to get a fake ID. This was my passion, and I’d do anything to be in my natural environment.

Quinn’s green eyes glistened as she looked at the canvas again. She nodded and I thanked her great fully for opportunity. I took a picture of my piece since I wasn’t going to be seeing it again. After waving goodbye to a few other painters, I walked towards the exit to meet my best friend by her car in parking lot.

“It took you long enough, lets get going you perv. I saw how you looked at Model Peyt, I’m surprised that drool didn’t pour out your mouth.” Alicia complained.

“I mean, she was gorgeous. Is there something called being too gorgeous? If there is then that describes her.”

My best friend looked at me disapprovingly.

My best friend was beautiful, but red heads aren’t my thing. She had a body to kill and her eyes were pools of crystal blue water. She helps me through everything and I return the favor whenever She needs it. She’s a real tom boy, She quickly fixed her red chucks and pulled up her cargos before stepping in the car. I tucked my hair behind my ear and followed her movements on the opposite side.

“You ready for the first day of your senior year tomorrow?” I asked her.

“Hell yeah I am, I just want to go to UCLA so I can leave boring old Chicago” She gushed.

“You’re leaving me here as well” I frowned.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be a phone call away. We have Facetime, oh and have you heard of Whatsa- “

“Jeez okay okay! I get it”

“See at a girl. It will be like I have never left.” She grinned.

“So where is the painting that you did in workshop today?” Al asked me.

“I gave it away.” I replied dryly.


“You know how my uncle and aunt feel about me painting. You think I want them to find out that I’m a lesbian too? They just might burn me to ashes with their dirty stares, who know what they would do if they found out?”

“You never know until you try Pey, but I won’t force you too. Enough with depressing chatter, let’s go to that lesbian lounge tonight, you still have that ID I got for you?”

“Yup, I think I need to release some final summer vacation tension anyway. That woman got me worked up, I’ll probably never see her again anyway.” I shrugged disappointed.


A Whole ten hours later, my best friend and I were at her house getting dolled up. I wore a black cropped tank top and denim shorts, I put my blonde hair on the left shoulder and applied a little eye liner, Alicia was wearing a blue dress that clung to her curves, the girly look fit her well she should try it more often.

“A, look at you. You look hot.” I cooed over her out fit.

“Shut up it’s a ONCE in a lifetime thing don’t get used to it.” She responded back as she brushed her hair.

We did the finishing touches and got our bags, put on our heels and headed off. When we finally reached, Alicia and I hopped out the Uber We walked up to the entrance and gave the bouncer our ID’s as he checked them through his black sunglasses. I don’t get how he wore them even though there wasn’t an ounce of sun in the midnight sky. He nodded at us and unclasped the chain blocking the entrance. The club was full house, people were dancing and chatting. Some girls in the corner were kissing like they were eating each others faces, but that’s what liquor does to you. Thinking about liquor, I dragged Al to the bar and order us five rainbow shots each.

“To the last day of vacation.” I toasted.

“Last day baby Wohooo..” She yelled over the music.

We downed all five shots in less than in a minute. I shivered violently as the burning sensation traveled into the depths of my body. Since I didn’t eat anything, my buzz came quickly than I expected. I sat at the bar and flirted with some studs , just to get my mind off of things. Some of them even bought me drinks which I didn’t hesitate to accept. I guzzled them down quickly, sipping liquor isn’t compelling to me.

As I took my last drink from a female for the night, I couldn’t help that model keep lingering around in my mind. I can still picture her body perfectly, not that I could ever paint it as perfect. Sure I had girlfriends in the past, but this woman was completely out of my league. She didn’t have to say a word and I know she was out of my reach.

I sighed and tried to get out of my funky mood. I was in a club surrounded by beautiful women for crying out loud, I needed to have my last day of fun.

“Can I get two more shots sweetie” I called out to the hazel eyed bartender over the music.

“Sure thing honey, the second one is on the house.” She said winking at me.

I blew her a kiss flirtatiously before downing them both. I quickly remembered that I didn’t come here alone, I was looking for A and saw her on the dance floor.

Her eyes connected with mine and she used her index finger to indicate me to come to her seductively. The music blaring had me in another world, the liquor made everything so vibrant and vivid. One of my favorite songs were playing, so I followed suite and went to the dance floor. Going behind my best friend, We started grinding our bodies together as we sang to the words of the song. Abruptly, a female came behind me and started running her fingers through my hair I was too tipsy to care who it was, I shook my ass for her, She pulled me closer and put her hands on my waist grinding to the beat.

I was aroused, our bodies molded together. Curiosity got the best of me, So I turned around. There she stood, the one person that was my mind since afternoon. I gawked at her appearance. She had her hair over her left shoulder, her wavy hair danced with every head movement she made. She had on a white dress with jeans jacket vest over it.

Her curves accentuated in her small dress as well as her cleavage, her luscious red stained lips suddenly made me hungry for her again.She pressed her body to mine as a tingling sensation shot through my body.

“Hey there gorgeous, I saw you across the room, I didn’t think you would be as hot as your moves, but I guess I thought wrong huh?” She whispered alluringly.

Her brown eyes bored into my hazel orbs. She pulled her lips into a smirk as I traced every couture of her body with my eyes. She trailed her finger around the stitching of my Bra patterns while she bit her lip. Lust was clear in her eyes, But I refused to ruin this moment by letting it take control of me. Grabbing her hand taking this enigma woman to the bar, we sat down as I ordered us two strawberry pina coladas.

“So, what brings you here?” I yelled over the music.

“Well I’m just enjoying my last day of freedom. I haven’t seen you here before, but you look familiar though.” She said raising an eyebrow.

She examined me while taking a sip of her drink. It feels like déjà vu hearing her say that it was her last day of freedom. I nodded understanding exactly how she felt.

Even though I wanted to say ’the reason you haven’t seen me here is because I’m seventeen in a twenty one and over club, I kept my mouth shut. I could even go as far as saying I decided to get a fake ID. Which is pretty much illegal to do as well as taking advantage of the ID and grinding up on older women and drinking liquor.

Sure I could tell her that, so she could walk away and I’d never hear from her again. She’d probably think she was a cradle robber, as older people would say. At least she would have accepted my painting, even though it was anonymous. Wait? I don’t even know the woman’s name.

“So, what’s your name?”

She came close to my ear. “The name is Demi.” She said as she blew in my ear. I bit my lip trying to contain myself.

Her lips were still teasing me and she knew it too. I mimicked her smirk and asked for some tequila, salt and a lime, I wanted to do body shots. I got lucky even running into her and out all places I’d except this lady to be, she’s here with me. I mentally smiled at the thought. I licked her neck as she shuddered under my touch.

I pour some salt on her neck where I licked and seductively put the lime between her plump lips. I smirked while bending my head down as I licked her neck again containing the salt. She let out a slight moan, I downed the shot at the same time, I proceeded to put my lips on the lime slice between her lips. She unintentionally bit down on the slice when she moaned, lime juice was dripped down her chin and trailed down to her breast. I captured the lime in my mouth brushing her lips at the same time and bit down. I left licked the remaining juice off her lips as her breathing became raspy. I used my tongue and copied the trail that the lime juice made all the way to her breast leaving a light kiss where the trailed ended.

I rose my head up to see her face red as tomato. I smirked in triumph as she rolled her eyes playfully. I gave the glass back to the bartender as she slipped me her number on a napkin. I didn’t think the bartender was that attractive compared to Demi, she was pretty but nothing compared to this lovely lady.

“Wow, that was.. Wow.” Was all Demi said after the body shot.

Looking at the napkin, she suddenly snatched the pen out of the bartender’s hand as she glared dagger at her. She scratched the bartender’s name and number and replaced it with her own. She planted a kiss on the napkin in addition to the one on my cheek. It must have been the liquor in my system because Demi was gone without a trace.

I looked at the end of the bar and gathered what was left of my drunken best friend and hailed a taxi back to her house. I made sure to stuff the napkin into my jean shorts. I slurred out Alicia’s address and driver stifled a chuckle and nodded.

I honestly had no energy to curse at him at all the way back to A’s. I threw thirty dollars and hopped out of his cab, the color real hurt my intoxicated eyes.

“Where are we babesss..?” Al slurred.

“We’re home Al, get some rest.”

I threw her on the and jump in right next to her. I knew we were both going to feel this in the morning, but I didn’t care it was all worth it. At least I get to see my Demi.


Alright I hope you did enjoy this and YOU guys know what to do.... ;) COMMENT VOTE FOLLOW!! :D

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