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What happens when Emma finds Jack Grayson, her ex, as a new member of board of directors of the college??? She is a lecturer in that college. Karma brings her first love back to her life. How will she be able to cope up with that man who has changed completely? He makes her life hell. She was not in a position to explain her past behavior to him. Will she bear his wrath or succeed in winning back his love???

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Chapter 1

The weather was very pleasant when Emma exited from her home. She was dressed in her uniform looking sweet and pretty.

As a teenager she was prettier in her looks than other girls of the town. Her innocence is something which makes her more attractive. Her caring nature adds to her loving personality.

While crossing the corner of the street she said hello to the librarian who was an old man. His name was David. She often helps him with books because that was her passion to read books. David smiled at her.

She was missing her bicycle today. It was punctured when she was coming from her school yesterday. She was hoping that it would be taken care by her brother Mason.

Mason was her younger brother who often helped her. He was a nice brother. They both live with their grandmother who was running a shop in that small town.

Their mother died when they were kids. Their father was doing some job in nearby city. He comes on weekends to spend time with them. They both love their father. His name was Oliver Williams.

Suddenly a BMW came to hault. She was inches away from having hit hard by it. She screamed while shutting her eyes.

After listening some mumbled curse, she opened her eyes only to see the most handsome face of the town Jack Grayson. He was not alone as usual.

Hey! can you not drive??

Emma shouted at him. What is the use of driving a BMW when you don't have a driving license? She was really pissed off seeing him with the bunch of some hot chicks and his friends following in other vehicles.

What is your problem Emma?

You should better know with whom you can use your blunt tongue. Mia shouted back at her.

Hey hey! What happened? Owen said while coming out of his car. Are you hurt Emma? Emma looked at him furiously.

"Yeah" I just got another chance of life with the careful driving of your friend. She glared at Jack who was now enjoyong the scene.

He looked so carefree while standing at the side of his car. It was evident that he didn't pay a shit to all this incident that aggravated her more.

Save your words for next time!

He said amusingly. His smile was all that made her more furious. She stepped away from them while cursing him loudly.

Next time?

I will kill you if you ever came in front of me. She went to school that day in such a bad mood.

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