What The Dreams Are Telling You

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Episode 17

The scent that was starting to feel familiar made Midori smile before she opened her eyes. She already knew where she was. She slowly opened her eyes and yawned, stretching up her arms. Suddenly she felt a headache. Bringing her hand to her head, she held it between her hands. She felt dizzy and heavy, making her shut her eyes tightly, waiting a few moments to get used to the pain.

She tried to stand up as much as the tree house’s roof allowed her. She was struggling to regain her balance. Tried with all her strength to stay up but ended up falling anyways on the cushion. She waited for the dizziness to pass. A few minutes later she started to feel better, so she tried to stand up again, this time succeeding.

— Wait… it worked…?

She tilted her head in confusion for a few seconds before a splitting smile formed on her lips. She assumed that what she did was successful after all. She couldn’t help but clap in joy. With a big smile still adorning her face, she made her way down the tree house and to the mansion. Near the place, she caught a delicious smell on her way. She closed her eyes to concentrate on it and try to decipher what it was, but couldn’t. With a shrug she went inside the house.

The smell took her to the kitchen, in which was Atlas, cooking something. She gulped down, feeling a little nervous thanks to what happened before. She approached him and stayed by his side, trying to greet him, but Atlas was quicker.

— Good morning, Midori. —he said warmly, while getting closer to her and leaving a soft kiss on her cheek—.

Midori’s eyes widened in surprise, making Atlas chuckle. Atlas was still looking at her, and signaled her with his head to sit down and have breakfast. Midori just nodded and quickly made her way to the table. A few minutes later, Atlas sets a plate in front of her. It had scrambled eggs and toast. She waited until Atlas sat down as well to start to eat. They ate in silence, the nerves Midori was feeling made her completely self-aware of everything, she couldn’t muster up the courage to say anything.

— Do you want to go on a date with me, Midori?

Midori lets the fork fall down from her grasp along with the food on it. She looked at Atlas, blinking rapidly in surprise.

— Y-yes. —she answered with some difficulty—.

Atlas smiled brightly at that.

— I saw somewhere in here an aquarium and a theater. Would you like to go there?

— It’s fine wherever you chose.

— Then it’s decided. After you finish your breakfast and rest for a bit.

Atlas got up and washed the dishes. Midori finished eating a few moments later. She had a smile on her face that couldn’t be wiped off no matter what. She got up as well and left the plate in the same place Atlas left it.

She made her way to the living room, flopped down on the couch, and stayed there. She closed her eyes for a few seconds, but doing so made the image of Atlas so close to her face to appear again. She opened her eyes quickly, brought her hand to her forehead and chuckled. An hour later, Atlas came down from the room and sat next to Midori.

— Are we ready?

— Yes, as ready as ever.

Both laughed and stood up. Atlas extended his hand.

— Would you allow me?

Midori smiled and took his hand, making their way out. The sun was as dazzling as ever. Atlas was leading the way. Midori couldn’t believe that they were walking while holding hands. It was all new to her. The scenery they passed by was like a dream. They had to go through the waterfall in the oasis. Midori looked at it with nostalgia, as if months have gone by since the first time, she met Atlas.

Lost in her thoughts, she bumped into him.

— We’re here.

In front of them was a big aquarium. Midori’s eyes widened, feeling how the excitement was consuming her. She has never been to one. Taking Atlas’ hand once more, she ran inside the place. Atlas just followed her, laughing along the way. Right in the entrance was a fish tank that reached all the way to the roof, it was filled with many different fishes. Midori stuck to the crystal to look at all of them closely. There was a light in her eyes that indicated how happy she was. Atlas carefully looked at all her expressions.

— Come on, come on! There’s more there!

In that moment Midori seemed like a small seven-year-old girl, running all around the place, from fish tank to fish tank, stopping to look at all the different fishes. They stayed in the aquarium for a few hours. When they finally exited the place, it was already sundown.

— That was so fun! Can we go back?

Atlas nodded.

— Of course, whenever you want.

Atlas took her hand again. The theater they were going to was close to the aquarium. A few minutes was enough for them to get there. A romance movie was just starting, it was perfect. Midori blushed thinking about watching a romance movie with the guy she was in love with. It wasn’t necessary to buy tickets to enter. They went inside and sat in the middle on the room, the movie started right after and both of them jolted in surprise when it did. But after that, the movie finished without problems.

— It was a good movie. I’ve never heard of it before. —said Atlas—.

Midori just shrugged.

— I don’t know much about movies.

It was nighttime already. In that place the sky was always clear. The stars shone as brightly as they always did, along with the moonlight. They decided to go back to the mansion to rest. Once there, they made their way directly to the bedroom and lay down on the bed. Atlas got closer to her and left a small kiss on her lips, banishing right after. Midori closed her eyes without worries, knowing she can just wait for Atlas to come back.

But, to her surprise, she woke up in the hospital.


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