What The Dreams Are Telling You

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Episode 18

Midori sits down on the bed. She was completely confused. “It didn’t work?” she asked herself. She started to breathe with some difficulty, a knot formed on her throat. Next to her, she hears how someone stands up, the perfume let her know who it was.

— Miss Midori… Are you feeling alright?

— What happened?

— You were in coma for a week, thanks to an antibiotics overdose…

Midori clicked her tongue. She didn’t accomplish what she wanted. Biting her lip, she clenched her hands into fists next to her. She was desperate. She missed her home with all her being. The nurse exited her room to give her some space. Midori was numb, she was devastated. Her last option didn’t work either, and after what she did, they will surely have her on observation.

Hours went by and Midori hasn’t moved from her spot. She didn’t care anymore. She will only continue to live to see Atlas. Just to be with him. The nurse went back to her room and left a plate with food on the table hovering over her bed. Midori didn’t react to her presence. The nurse looked at her with concern in her face.

— Do you need something, Miss Midori?

Midori was completely silent. The nurse waited a few seconds for her to respond but to no avail. If she could look into her eyes, she would notice they were completely dead. The nurse gave up and exited the room once again. Midori smelt the food that was in front of her but she couldn’t move a single finger. She wanted to get up and go to the window but she couldn’t feel her legs. She was paralyzed. She started to scream. The force she was using to try and move made the food to end on the floor, causing the plates to break.

The nurse heard the noise she was making and quickly ran back to her run, making her way straight to Midori.

— Don’t worry, Miss Midori, it’s only a temporal paralysis caused by the overdose. It’s going to pass in a few days.

Midori started to even out her breathing, after a few minutes she felt a little calmer.

— Do you want me to walk you out? Get some fresh air?

Midori nodded. Everything was better than being on that bed. She waited for the nurse, who looked for a wheelchair. She opened it and pulled it next to the bed. She helped Midori move until was seated. It felt strange to Midori, she never imaged she would be sitting in a wheelchair so young. The nurse started to walk. When they exited the room, the only thing that could be heard were the wheels on the floor. They arrived to an elevator; Midori didn’t even know there was one, however it’s not like she could see it. She heard how the nurse pressed one of the buttons and the elevator started to move.

When they got to the first floor, they made their way to the patio of the hospital. Once there, they walked to a set of benches. The nurse sat down in one of them, leaving Midori in front of her.

Midori felt the breeze hugging her. She took a deep breath, feeling better breathing the fresh air instead of the made up one from the air conditioner. They stayed there a long time, just enjoying the ambiance. It was sundown, Midori noticed, feeling the Sun’s warmth on her skin. It was different from the midday Sun. Another nurse was with her patient in the patio as well. Midori smelt a familiar scent, and it wasn’t the nurse’s. She tilted her head slightly. “It can’t be that” she thought.

The other patient looked at Midori and their eyes widened in surprise.

— Do we go now, Miss Midori?

Midori nodded, much to her regret.

In that moment, the other patient tried to get to Midori, but the nurse caught their arms and didn’t let them get far. Screaming was the only option left.


Midori definitely recognized that voice. She raised her head and turned to where the voice was. That voice along with the scent confirmed who was the other patient. Midori tried to get up from the chair but she forgot she was paralyzed. The nurses looked at each other and nodded. After that, she didn’t hear anything else from the other patient.

— It can’t be…

The nurse stood up and started to move Midori back to her room. She was still thinking about it, biting her nails, consumed by the nerves. She knew perfectly well who she had heard, but she couldn’t process it. It didn’t seem real.

Once they arrived to Midori’s room, the nurse left her on her bed and exited the room without saying anything else. Midori opened the drawer next to her bed and looked for her MP3, which she had left there previously. She desperately plugged the earphones and put them on. She lay down and tried with all her might to fall asleep.

She woke up suddenly on the bed. She was already used to the mansion by now. She quickly made her way down the stairs, stumbling on them and falling all the way to the first floor. Even though she was in her dreams, her legs were still weak. She mustered all her strength and stood back up.

She went outside the mansion and started to run all the way to the oasis. The adrenaline she was feeling in that moment was the only thing she needed in order to move without problems. When she arrived, he was there. She was having trouble breathing, but even so, she approached him slowly, both looking directly at each other, it was as if they had seen a ghost.


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