What The Dreams Are Telling You

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Episode 21

The comfort the blankets provided made it difficult for Midori to want to get up. It was the comfiest bed she’s ever been. As she slowly blinked her eyes open, a feeling of happiness started to surround her, a smile started to form on her lips. She was in the only place in where she could see. She sat at the edge of the bed and yawned. She still felt a little sleepy but it was time to wake up. She got up and walked to where the curtains were, opening them up in a swift movement. The sunlight quickly illuminated the entire room, making Midori have to shadow her eyes with her hand.

She walked to the bathroom and brushed her teeth, then went to the closet and tried to look for the cutest outfit that she could find. All of this she did with a smile on her face; just thinking about how in that place, she could see Atlas. She found a small summer dress with sunflower pattern on it and didn’t hesitate to put it on and twirl around in front of the mirror. She noticed how in one of the drawers a straw hat was perched on it. With that, her outfit was complete.

She exited the room and directly walked down to the kitchen. She looked in all the drawers searching for something to eat. In the fridge she could find a few eggs and bread slices. Turning on the stove, she started to make an omelet and toasts. After a little while it was done, so she packed all the food inside the same basket they used in the last picnic they had.

With the basket in hand, she exited the mansion. While walking, she couldn’t help but skip and twirl as she went on, the happiness she was feeling was immense. Knowing that Atlas existed in the real world made her feel less crazy, but at the same time it made her know that she fell in love for someone who truly will be there for her. When she arrived at the oasis, she approached the same rocks they usually sit in. She sat down in one of them, waiting for Atlas.

Midori closed her eyes to appreciate the ambience that surrounded her. The breeze was calming, the birds’ chirping was like a sweet melody and the sound of the waterfall was relaxing, it was perfect. Without realizing it, Midori fell asleep.

— Midori?

Atlas slowly shook Midori by her shoulders, trying to wake her up. Midori squinted a little before opening her eyes, the view in front of her was everything she ever wanted to see. Atlas was in front of her looking directly to her eyes, with worry on his own eyes. It was only a matter of seconds before a smile appeared on her lips, Atlas smiled too.

Atlas stepped back giving Midori enough space to get up. As soon as she did, she got closer to Atlas and hugged him tingly. Atlas hugged her back, softly caressing her back.

— How I’d like to see you out there like this in the world outside…

— You’re equally beautiful with and without the bandages.

Midori blushed slightly. Atlas drew back, leaving a lingering kiss on her cheek.

— You prepared this? —he said, pointing at the basket—.

Midori nodded. Both of them sat down on the rocks and started to eat the breakfast Midori prepared. When they finished, they left the basket to the side and Atlas turned to her.

— Tonight, we will escape the hospital. Are you ready?

— Y-yes… —she answered a little unsure—.

— Don’t worry, I’ll guide you through the place. I’ve already walked a few times around. I know where to go.

Atlas took Midori’s hands and looked at her eyes. Both nodded to each other slowly. Midori started to feel calmer. Atlas’ gaze made her feel a million things.

They made their way back to the mansion and lay next to each other in the room.

— I’ll see you outside. —said Atlas before disappearing—.

A moment later, Midori woke up in her hospital bed. She recognized Atlas scent for a second, which made her feel safe. “Let’s go” he whispered. Midori nodded and followed in his steps. Holding hands, they went to the door.

— Wait.

Midori brough her ear closer to the door, trying to decipher if it was safe to go out. Midori drew back and nodded, letting Atlas know it was completely safe to exit the room. They opened the door slowly, trying to not make any unnecessary noise. They closed the door just as slowly.

The hallway was so quite not even a fly passing by could be hear. Midori swallowed down, starting to feel anxious. She squeezed Atlas hand.

— Okay, we’ll go to the basement. I’ve seen my nurse go there many times.

— Alright… have you seen where exactly does she go down there?

— No… but we’ll discover it now.

Carefully, they made their way to the stairs and started to slowly descent through hem. Unfortunately, as Midori was not able to see, she ended up slipping through the stairs, however, luckily for them, Atlas had good reflexes and took her in his arms.

— Are you okay? —he whispered close to her face—.

— Y-yea… I-I’m sorry…

Atlas put Midori down and they started to go down again. Luckily, there wasn’t anyone who stopped them along the way. When they arrived, in front of them was a big metal door, with a label saying “DO NOT PASS”.

— What’s wrong, Atlas?

— There’s a metal door in front, it says “do not pass”.

— It should be here then…

Right then, Midori started to shake Atlas’ shoulder in a panicked way.

— Someone’s coming! Someone’s coming! —she tried to say without raising her voice—.


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