What The Dreams Are Telling You

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Episode 22

Atlas clicked his tongue and looked around, desperately trying to look for a place to hide. Taking Midori by the hand they scurried away between a few boxes that were below the stairs. Midori lifted her finger to her lips; the steps were getting closer. Atlas tried to raise a little to better observe what was happening. Midori covered her mouth, fearing for any sound that could escape her. Atlas squinted his eyes.

It was Atlas’ nurse. She swiped a small card on an automatic reader and the metal door slid to the side, slowly opening up. Once the nurse went inside, it closed. Atlas was about to exit their hideout but Midori took him by the skirt of the hospital gown. She waited a few seconds before releasing him, she couldn’t hear any more steps.

They exited the hideout and Midori let out a deep breath. She reclined over her knees, breathing deeply. Atlas stayed looking intently at the door for a few seconds before moving to it, approaching the card reader and looked at it from different angles. He let out a sigh.

— Let’s get out of here before my nurse notices I’m not in my room. —said Midori—.

Atlas took her hand once again and carefully made their way back to Midori’s room. Atlas made sure to close it with the lock. He then guided Midori to her bed and both sat down at the edge of it.

— And? What did you see? I’ve heard something like a card reader…

— Exactly that. —he sighed— I tried to see if there was another way to go in but no, we need the card to enter.

— And how are we going to get that…?

— Well, we know my nurse has one. I just need to take it from her.

Midori let out a small laugh.

— And how do you pretend to do that, exactly?

— … I don’t know. I have to think about it.

After a few minutes in silence, Atlas stood up from the bed, exalted. Midori raised her head instinctively, a little surprised.

— I have a plan.

— And your plan is…?

— Don’t worry. I’ll do it tomorrow.

Atlas got closer to Midori and left a small kiss on her forehead.

— I’ll see you, Midori. Tomorrow I’ll come back with the card.

Midori felt a little insecure so she just nodded. After that, she heard how Atlas slowly exited her room. Midori lay down on her bed and deeply sighed.

— Good luck, Atlas.

After a few seconds, she fell asleep. Hours and hours went by. This time, the sound of the door wakes her up. She gets up a little agitated but after a moment she felt Atlas’ scent and relaxed.

— I got it.

Without losing any more time, they decided to go back to the basement. They exited Midori’s room with extra cautiousness. Midori made sure that the hallway was clear. While going down the stairs, they heard a few nurses walking in the hallway bellow. Both of them tried to stay as quiet as possible, they weren’t even breathing. When Midori confirmed that the nurses weren’t going up the stairs, they could breathe again.

— I think there are more than yesterday… —said Midori—.

— I don’t think they have noticed what we’re doing.

They waited until everything was quiet again to resume their way down the basement. Once they arrived, they stood in front of the door.

— Here we are.

Atlas turned to look at Midori and held both of her hands in his.

— Are you ready, Midori? We don’t know what could be behind those doors.

Midori nervously gulped down but nodded anyway.

— I’m ready, Atlas. Let’s go and find out what are they doing with us and all the other patients in here.

Atlas turned back to face the door and took a deep breath. He slowly brought the card closer to the reader and, after a moment’s hesitation, swiped it. A beep let them know that it worked and the door started to open slowly.

When it opened, a cold breezed greeted them. And, before the door could close again, both entered the mysterious place.


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