What The Dreams Are Telling You

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Episode 25


Midori’s nurse shouted. Midori was still laying on the floor, not being able to move. A sensation akin to terror started to creep up her body, she was petrified. Atlas quickly approached her and took her by the arm, getting as far away as possible from the nurse. Atlas was panting lightly, trying to think of a way to get out of that situation. He looked everywhere, but the only place they could use as an escape was the door in which the nurse is at.

— Midori, don’t let go of me… —he whispered—.

Midori only nodded, and then, Atlas sprinted forward, taking Midori by the hand. He pushed the nurse and got out of the room. He desperately tried to locate the big metal door while looking for the card in his pocket.

The nurse clocked her tongue and with her elbow broke the crystal case that covered a red button on the wall. Without thinking it twice, she pressed it.

— I won’t let you escape so easily.

After pressing the button, alarms started blared all over the hospital in just a matter of seconds. Atlas and Midori were surrounded by at least 10 nurses. Atlas started to back up but they stumbled into one of the incubators.

Atlas hugged Midori even more tightly to himself, refusing to let her go. Midori couldn’t see anything, but she could hear the voices of the nurses and how all of them were getting near them quickly. They started to try and pry Midori out of Atlas’ arms but Atlas was putting on a fight, he won’t let them get her away from him. Midori was holding on tightly onto Atlas as well. Atlas let out a painful scream and, in an instant, she felt how the body she was holding started to slowly fall to the ground.

— N-no…! Atlas…!

A few seconds after that, Midori felt a pinch on her arm, making her lose consciousness.

— N-no…

Midori bolted upright on the mansion’s bed, bringing a hand to her chest. It was difficult to breath, she felt as if she wasn’t inside her body, as if her soul had been ripped. She sat at the edge of the bed and closed her eyes. Trying to calm down. After a few minutes she could stand up. She walked around the room but Atlas wasn’t there.

She decided to go to the oasis then. She ran out of the room and as she was passing by the kitchen, she noticed there was a silhouette in there, making her stop dead in her tracks and turn back. It was Atlas. Atlas turned around and noticed Midori. They ran to each other and hugged.

— I’m sorry Midori. This is all my fault.

Midori steps back a little and takes Atlas’ face between her hands, giving him a warm smile.

— I know that we will be fine.

Atlas smiled at that, caressing Midori’s hand with his own. In that moment, Atlas closed his eyes and started to lose his balance.

— Are you okay!?

— Y-yes… I t-think so…

Midori took Atlas’ arm and put it around her neck, her free hand surrounding Atlas waist.

— Come, let’s sit in the sofa.

With some difficulty, they made it to the living room, once there, Atlas sat down on the sofa. Midori went back to the kitchen and looked for a glass, filling it with water and then went back to Atlas, extending her hand so he could take the glass. Atlas took it and drank a little, leaving the glass on the table in front of them. Midori just stayed by her side.

— Do you feel better?

— I-I think… I need…

Atlas started to slip to the side, falling on Midori’s lap and immediately falling asleep. Midori looked at him and sighed. They were so close to escaping that place.

The hours went by and Atlas stayed in the same place, sleeping. He hasn’t disappeared in a long while. Midori bit her lip, she was starting to think it was strange, that neither of them had disappeared by that time. Eventually, she started to nod off, her eyes slowly closing. She fell asleep.

When she woke up, the fact that she could see let her know that they were still in the mansion. She blinked a few times to adjust her vision and then looked down. Atlas was still there; he hasn’t moved a centimeter.

— This is not normal…

Midori was starting to worry. They have been there for hours and still haven’t woken up in the real world.

— Had… had they done something to us…?


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