What The Dreams Are Telling You

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Episode 26

Midori stood up, carefully leaving Atlas resting on the sofa. She started to walk around the mansion, biting her thumbnail. She was trying to think about something, anything, but her mind was blank. She could only think about Atlas. She was completely lost in her thoughts.

In that moment a voice in the distance started to call for her. However, she was still too focused on her thoughts. The voice was starting to get louder, that’s when she broke out of her thoughts. She knew perfectly well who was calling her. She didn’t even notice she had ended up at the patio, so she ran all the way back to the living room and there was Atlas, sitting on the sofa. She quickly sat next to him.

— Are you okay, Atlas? How are you feeling?

Atlas placed his hand on his head, giving it a light squeeze.

— I’m alright… just… needed to sleep for a bit.

— That’s a relief… —Midori let out a breath she didn’t know was holding— I was very worried…

— Thanks, but… why did I wake up here and not in the hospital?

— I don’t know… I’ve been stuck here for hours too and can’t get out. I think they did something to us.

— … I’m going to figure out what it is —he said, getting up from the sofa—.

— Wait! —Midori got up as well— What do you intend to do?

— I’m going to force myself to wake up.

— … What? How do you plan to do that?

— I don’t know, but… I will wake up and get you out of whatever place they put us.

Midori chuckled at that.

— I would like to help you….

— Trust me. I’ll go for you and we’ll get out of here together.

— Okay, but… can we have a real date before you do that?

Atlas smiled brightly.

— Of course, what do you want to do?

Midori took his hand and exited the mansion. Atlas just laughed behind her and let himself be guided by Midori. The day was perfect to go out, the sun was as dazzling as always and the breeze was perfect too. After a while, they arrived at the amusement park.

— This place brings back memories.

— Right? That’s why I wanted to come back. Let’s go!

Midori dragged him to the amusement park and to their first ride of the day, the rollercoaster. They sat down in the cart and put on the security belt.

— Ready? —asked Midori, turning to look at him—.

— Ready —affirmed Atlas—.

And then, the cart started to slowly move. Midori gripped Atlas’ hand tightly. The cart arrived to the top and stopped there for a few seconds; Midori gulped down and then the cart went down at full speed. Midori and Atlas screamed in excitement. It was the perfect way to forget about their problems. When they finished, they got out and Midori noticed how her legs were shaking.

— That was awesome —said Atlas next to her—.

They stayed the whole day at the park, getting into all the rides, until night arrived, that’s when they decided to go to the Ferris Wheel. When they were at the very top, it stopped. The sight from above was impressive, just like last time. The lights looked surreal, but this time, the difference was that they knew it was real. The moon and the stars were shining like always.

— Do you… do you remember when we first met? —asked Midori—.

Atlas nodded.

— A few days after that we came to this same cabin, at this same time, and saw the park in the same way.

— Yes... at that time I thought this was all a dream —he let out a chuckle—.

— We both did.

The cabin started to move again; this time descending. When they arrived to the group, Midori turned to Atlas.

— There’s something more I’d like to do.

They went back to the mansion and once there, Midori immediately made her way to the kitchen, Atlas following behind her. Midori took out a picnic basket and showed it to him. Understanding what Midori wanted, they started to make some light food and tea.

Once done, they went outside to the patio, Atlas walked to the big tree and placed the blanket right beside it.

— Sorry, I didn’t have time to prepare the paper lanterns.

Midori couldn’t help but laugh. Both sat down on the blanket and started to ear, admiring how beautiful the moon was that night. Midori sighed; even after having a good day she couldn’t help but feel restless. She felt very uncomfortable. She knew something bad was going to happen the moment Atlas goes back to the real world. She stared intently at the sandwich she had in hand, getting lost in her thoughts again.

— Midori. Everything’s going to be alright.

Midori looked at Atlas, got closer to him and gave him a tight hug.

— Atlas, I really like you… don’t forget that, okay?

Atlas just laughed.

— I know Midori. I really like you too.

He drew away from the hug to look at Midori.

— We’ll get out of here.

Atlas took Midori’s face between both of his hands and started to slowly draw closer, but, right then, Atlas disappeared right in front of her eyes.


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