What The Dreams Are Telling You

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Episode 29

Midori was feeling a little disoriented, however Atlas’ voice was enough to bring her back to earth.

— A-Atlas?

— I’m here, Midori.

Midori started to feel the coldness of the room. It was similar to that of the laboratory they went in. Midori touched the surface of where she was sitting, she assumed they introduced her in one of the incubators. Clicking her tongue, Atlas approached her and she immediately could feel his warm. Midori tightly hugged him and felt a knot forming of her throat. Atlas leaned back a bit.

— Atlas, I’m not blind.

— What?

— They… they kidnapped me and sew my eyes in cold blood.

— I remember too. They kidnapped me form the hospital I was in before.

Midori noticed how there was a strange smell in the room. Her hands where on Atlas’ chest; she drew back one of them and tried to decipher the strange substance that was on Atlas’ chest. She smelt it and in seconds she knew what it was.

— Atlas… is this-

— This is not the time for explanations, we had to get out of here.

Midori swallowed down but decided to trust him. Whatever Atlas had done, she knew he did it so they could escape. Midori carefully got off the incubator. She didn’t know how much time she had spent there, but her legs were numb.

— Can you walk?

— Yes… don’t worry.

A few steps away, Atlas tripped and fell to the ground. Midori quickly approached him and helped him get up.

— Are you okay?

— Y-yeah… it must be a secondary effect from whatever they injected us.

They spent a few seconds in silence, waiting for Atlas to regain his balance. When he did, they started to slowly walk to the office, trying not to stumbled against anything and making as little noise as possible to not have their location known. Midori could only follow Atlas by gripping his hospital gown.

In a few minutes, they arrived to the office. Midori heard how a card was swiped through the reader. She wondered how Atlas could have gotten it again without his nurse knowing, since she already knew he took it before. However, there was no time to think about things like that, so they just went inside the office.

— Midori, help me.

Midori followed the sound of his voice, there was a bookshelf besides the door. Atlas was at one of its ends and Midori went to the other side.

— In the count of three, one… two… three! Push!

Midori pushed with all her strength, while Atlas pulled it towards the door.

— Done… that way they won’t be able to enter as easily.

Without wasting any more time, Atlas ran to where he knew the safe he found before was. Midori followed by listening to his footsteps. Since she has a better hearing, she was the better candidate to open the safe. She slowly got closer to it, leaning her ear on it. The cold metal took her by surprise, making her hesitate for a second, but she shook her head and leaned down again, moving the dial and after a few tries she heard the lock. Slowly, making sure she was doing it right, she turned it until she heard a soft “click” that told her it was open.

Midori raised her head with a big smile and high fived Atlas. Atlas then got closer to the safe and started to inspect what was inside. It was full of folders and papers; Atlas clicked his tongue, he wasn’t sure which ones were important.

— Take them all! —exclaimed Midori—.

Atlas took out everything that was in the safe and then stood up to put everything on the table. Atlas started to look for something relevant about what was happening to them.



Today, we could start our most recent project: “Life is better in dreams”. Just like how it sounds, have you ever wanted to live in your dreams? Where everything is better? Where there is nothing to worry about? We’re still in a very early stage of the experiment, but soon we will be able to make humanity happy forever. For now, we have accomplished to make a world per person, but soon we will be able to extend these worlds.

— So… we were living the life we wanted to live? —questioned Midori—.

— But here it says it was only a world per person… that means our circumstances shouldn’t have happened.

— Maybe they noticed and that’s why they separated us… how horrible… experimenting like that with humans…

— Let’s go, we’ll have more time to analyze this later.

Atlas approached the door and started to push the bookshelf. Midori helped him.

— Ready?

— Ready.

Atlas took Midori’s hand and they exited the office together.



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