What The Dreams Are Telling You

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Episode 30

— Run, Midori!

Atlas tightened his hold on Midori’s hand. They started to run all around the laboratory, Midori could hear how there were dozens of people behind them. Atlas threw some of the machines to the floor to gain some time. Midori tripped over some cables, making Atlas turn around and try to help her before the nurses could caught them. They arrived to the big metal door, Atlas swiped the card and it opened. He looked everywhere before going.

— There are more coming from the stairs! —exclaimed Midori—.

Atlas clicked his tongue. They were running out of options. He turned around and saw the boxes where they hid the last time they were there.

— I hope this works.

Both went toward the boxes and hid behind them again. They covered their mouths with their hands and tried to contain their breathing. It was a crucial moment; they couldn’t risk getting caught. They heard how a few nurses went inside the laboratory.

— Let’s go, we can’t waste any more time.

They held each other hands once more and started to run up the stairs. It seemed like all the nurses were looking for them. When they arrived to the first floor, Atlas placed his hands on his knees, trying to regain his breathing.

— Are you okay?

— Y-yes… I just needed to take a few breaths… let’s go.

Midori nodded. She didn’t hear anyone on that floor, so they walked all the way to the door. After hearing the crystal door opening, Midori instantly felt the sun’s warmth against her skin. There was a light breeze making her hair flow and part of her gown to flow along. Still, they couldn’t say that they had won this battle. They were still in the hospital territory.

— What happened, Atlas?

Midori turned to him. Since they took their first step out, Atlas hadn’t moved or said anything.

— Atlas?

— Midori…

— What-what’s wrong…?

Midori heard the footsteps of someone else in front of them. She immediately looked to the front even though she couldn’t see the person.

— It’s a shame, kids… but I can’t let you go out with those papers.

It was a masculine voice, a very deep one. It seemed familiar, but she couldn’t point out where did she hear it before.

— Who are you? —she asked with a shake in her voice—.

— I’m the person who is most interested in those papers, so give them back.

— We won’t do it.

Atlas voice sounded different. It was as if for the first time, Midori was hearing Atlas being scared. His hands were shaking.

— What’s wrong, Atlas? Why don’t we just run…?

In that moment, she heard a loud noise in the sky.

— I don’t think so, miss.

— He’s armed.

Midori swallowed down. She couldn’t think of anything. She couldn’t even see him. “Is this the end?” she thought. She heard how the footsteps were getting more and more closer to them, but she was stuck on her spot. Knowing they had a weapon pointing at them scared her to no end. With every step the masculine figure made towards them, Midori’s heart continued to beat quicker and quicker. In a moment, the steps stopped in front of them, Midori was starting to hyperventilate.

— Hand me the documents, boy.

— I don’t think so, sir.

Right then, Atlas kicked the man, making him fall to the floor. In a quick moment, he took his gun and shot him on the foot. Midori gasped; she couldn’t see it but she could imagine what happened. The man’s screams were bloodcurdling.


Atlas took Midori’s hand and started to run. The hospital was completely surrounded by trees, it was as if they were in the middle of nowhere. They entered the woods, running and running without knowing where they were going.

All that mattered was that they were escaping. In the distance, Midori could hear how nurses and another type of personnel were also in the woods, looking for them.

It was completely dark; Atlas didn’t know where he was stepping. They could only hear the tree branches crunching under their feet. All the adrenaline they were feeling made them forget they were barefoot.

Without noticing, Atlas stepped on air, making them lose balance and fall off a cliff. Atlas hugged Midori tightly against him, making sure nothing happens to her. When they touched the ground, they started to roll down through dirt and leaves. Midori tightened her grip on Atlas. After a few seconds, Atlas crashed into a big tree, leaving him unconscious.

— A-Atlas…? Atlas… wake up, please… —her voice was starting to break— Atlas… don’t leave me alone… please…

Midori started to shake him by the shoulders. Placed her hand over his neck and felt a line of blood flowing down. Right then, Midori heard how a few meters over them, there were nurses and other people talking between themselves. Midori took the gun that Atlas took from that man and hold onto it, hoping she didn’t have to use it.


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