Her Sham Life

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Warning: Mature


Ava snapped out from her dream world when she felt his teeth nibbling down her collar bone.

“Tae-ah...no-huh.” She gasped for air, her back slamming on the shower room as he kissed her lips intensely.

“I need you,” Taehyung whispered in his husky voice. His forehead leaning against her silently listening to shower drizzle making them wetter, “please.” their heart beating in the same rhythm.




“Hyung, she’s your wife! What are you even afraid of..?” Younger annoyingly asked from the other side made Taehyung pause unexpectedly.

“I’m. I’m not afraid. It’s just that she’s reluctant towards me.” He murmured.

“Hyung you can’t make your wife happy with your insufficient presence... How many years it’s been you’re married, four or five?” Younger chuckles. “But now you can give a blessing of God that will remain with her throughout this year! And those best moments bring her smile, ...why not create one baby, it’s enough for you both to feel little less lonely?”

“But we. we can’t-”

“You’ve to Hyung! And don’t call me again if you’re stepping back!”




Taehyung gradually loosened her dress as she gazed deeply in his eyes.

“I’ll make it up to you, baby wife...” He whispered before kissing her wet lips and she closed her eyes feeling tenderness in his every touch.



“Ah- too deep!” Ava gasped hardly, her mind went blank as he goes deeper filling her up. His hands went down her waist gripping tightly against him.

“Tell me if it hurts...” He said kissing her forehead gently. “I’ll stop right there, I’ll obey you, baby wife.” Her back-arching as she moaned and trembled under him.

“Ah-um.” She nodded.

Ava tugged on his soft hairs while he thrust smoothly into her, he felt good inside her. And they didn’t realize she was bleeding, her blood flowed through their shower.



Taehyung wrapped her legs around his torso as he goes deeper, her toe-curling screaming again for orgasms that kept them sexually obsessed.

Ava wanted him slow and sensual coupling with her man without worrying about others.

“Baby, you’re so mesmerizing- ah, so good that I need you again!”

Taehyung switches from thrusting in and out to grinding his hips and making a sensual motion inside of her.



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