Her Sham Life

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Early morning feeling warm and fuzzy in the blankets, Ava hugged him comfortably and he stroked her back soothingly.

At that moment, they were amused in each other’s embrace forgetting about the most crucial reality that she wasn’t his wife.

Taehyung wasn’t sure how to feel when she was this close as he opened his eyes only to find her in the soft messy manner. She was sleeping calmly breathing with her eyes closed.

“I feel like... I want you more.” He mumbled pulling her into a deep morning kiss that made her smiled in-between feeling satisfied with their bond right now.




Ava’s heart skipped when the bed deepen her down as he hovered her kissing her all over again.

She could still feel sloppiness between her legs and a hint of the pain of what happened last night while his fingers traced her inner thighs.

“I’m all yours... all yours honey~”

“Please, don’t stop- ah, yes...”


She gulped down as she remembers her screams begging for more while he nibbles her neck, his hands rubbing against her sensitive part.

How badly she wished this air to shallow her rather than him...

“Did my baby wife slept well?” He inquired while her face turned to the opposite side, avoiding him. He cupped her cheeks, finding her eyes glossy. “Are you hurt anywhere, baby? I’m so sorry, I couldn’t help myself to-”

Ava finally holds herself down, whispering, “Get off me...”

“Sorry, what?”

Taehyung looked muddled when she shook her head in distress as she tried to push him off. “I said move, Taehyung!”

“But, baby I-”



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