Her Sham Life

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Ava barely touched her breakfast, she was so lost in her own mind when he approached her. His hands caress and squeeze her hand which was on her lap.

“If you need anything... just mention it to me.” He mumbled while she sulked pushing his hands away. “Why aren’t you talking to me? Is something wrong... Are you still mad at me?”

She instantly stood up leaving him confused. Her stomach hurts... feeling she was trembling in his touch.




“Mom...” Ava whimpered, gripping tightly on her phone.

“What happened?” Her mom panicked as she asked, “Why are you crying, Ava?”

“I don’t want to stay here, Mom... I want to come back home, Mom... I’m not staying here!” She cried out.

“Are you fine, Ava? Tell me what happened...”

The worst feeling of being someone who you’re not... Upon of all she was so ridiculous to do with him.




“Baby wife... Oh my baby, do you want me to do something for you?” Taehyung asked nicely as she rested in the warm blankets. “How about we go for a date? You can order anything you want to eat,” His hand finds her waist, pulling her close. “Aren’t you hungry, baby? Please, eat something you want.”

Ava wasn’t coming out from the blanket so he came in, she wasn’t saying a word since morning made him worried.

Embracing her close he felt her warm unsteady breath as she was burning...her face was burning hot in fever.




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