Her Sham Life

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“Ah- Aish, Ella!”

Taehyung exclaimed when Ava bites on his finger hard, knowingly. “Yah! What’s wrong? Are you mad at me that I woke you up? That’s doesn’t count, I know you intended to bite me-”

“What you’re gonna do, huh?” She smirked pulling the collar of his raven shirt. “Don’t you despise me, Mr Kim? I know you intend to do.”

Taehyung’s eyes widened in shock. What’s going in her mind every now and then startles him bitterly.

“No, baby! Who influences you? There’s nothing like that,” He hurriedly said his thumb caress her cheek. “I can never despise you, baby...you’re my only loving wife.”

Ava shoved him back, needed a space to find the truth his temperament while she felt her head splitting in pain.

“Then why you leave me for eleven months of the damn year as if you loathe my presence on the twelfth!” Her eyes brimmed because of fever but he thought she was stressing herself for silly doubts. “Do you have someone else there to please you...”

“No Baby, it’s only you!” Taehyung hardly breathed before explaining her, “you were the one who wanted to be here, you didn’t want to come with me, to the foreign world...you said it’s hard for you to leave this country while It’s only work, I’m working so hard as a software developer while you think I’m cheating on you! How could you blame me for the things we have discussed before?!”

Ava was silent as she looked in his intense eyes. She would’ve never thought Ella could this to him.

“Ella, I don’t want to say something which will make you and me feel guilty ahead while you!” He sighed gripping on my shoulders trying to calm his breathing as his glance saddened. “And you...you’re not even helping me to understand.”

Did you ever know how badly you’ve fallen in the pit of misunderstanding? Now, you’ll do.




“Jungkook-ah... I don’t want to go back to him, I only love you!” Ella’s voice wavered with emotion as she confessed moving her arms around his waist.“I don’t want to see his face! I hate him! I hate him so much...”

Jungkook sighed.

“Till when you’re going to hide from the reality, Ella... If you can’t divorce him then why would I stay with you? Don’t worry,” He smiles pulling her for a hug. “I just want you to clear all the ties with him and start a new beginning with me.”



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