Her Sham Life

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“Tae...” Ava cooed from the living room while he sulked looking blankly at his laptop doing his assignment. He didn’t reply so she went behind the couch, looking for him.

“Taehyung, I’m calling you for an hour now! Why don’t you answer me?!” Ava exclaimed.

“I’m busy,” Taehyung retorted.

Seeing him unbothered clicking the damn keys on the fucking keyboard she huffed, arms folded above her chest, “Seriously, now you’re finding excuses to ignore your baby wife." She pressed her words.

“What do you want, Ella?” He responded back seeming annoyed. “Are there any bills need to be paid or you aren’t happy with the new merchandise got delivered today...” He impatiently blurts out.

“No, it’s not...not...”

Ava looked stunned and her voice fades away in distress.

Is he still mad at her for calling him a cheater?!

“If there’s nothing then go back, I’m occupied with some work.”

“But Tae-”

“Please, leave.” He intently says made her moved to the maid who was preparing dinner in the kitchen.

Ava halted beside her as rigorously implied “I won’t eat anything that you make.”

“But Madam-”

“I said so, don’t argue with me!”

The staff looked terrified when Madam Ella glared at their soul, they weren’t sure how to make lady boss happy at all.

“Get me a pen and paper.”


“Just do what I’m saying...” Ava frowned.




“Here.” Ava passed the list on the maid’s hand. “Get all the items on the list within twenty minutes now. Take the other staff with you but don’t miss on any little thing...you got it?”


The staff swiftly dispersed seeing the long list her hand while Ava stretched her arms before walking to their bedroom.

“Where is it? Where is it? I swear it was here before!” She shuffled her wardrobe vigorously and soon she exclaimed. “Here you’re..!” Her eyes brightened in joy.




“Tae...” Ava’s hands smoothly slid on his collar loosening his tie while he instantly grabbed her hands from moving further.

“What do you want, Ella?!”

“More than your lips less than your...”




“What if my love for you will be heavenly succumb... are you still not going to deal with your damn husband?” Jungkook fumed in anger. “Go and finish it before I get desperate to leave you!”

Ella’s eyes widened in shock.

“No, Jungkook! Don’t say that... I. I...” She was stupefied and froze in time.

How to let go of a man whom she married for four years who kept her graciously good and fulfilled her all demands?


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